The Arc Fest
15th-17th September 2017 | Ticket sales open

When was the last time you tasted L.I.F.E.
and just loved it? 

The Arc Fest: A gathering of a carefully curated community of change makers and life enthusiasts, Arc Alumni and their friends. The Arc Fest is about celebrating life, its highs and lows, in a special location! Magical parties meet awesome speakers, morning yoga and Arc-style workshops on YOUR impact mission and big fat life questions.

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Who is it for?

The Arc Fest is for entrepreneurs, corporate gooddoers, hard-core volunteers, inspired freelancers, social impact bunnies, artists, doctors, gardeners _ _ _ [finish the series]. It is designed for young life and impact lovers from all over Europe who are…

  • already living or wanting to live their passion,
  • thrilled to meet dozens of like-minded people to have meaningful conversations and interactions with that go beyond small talk and “hey, add me on facebook if you like”,
  • excited to lift their life to a new level by being inspired and inspiring yourself and those around you,
  • do not chicken out when challenged, questioned or jeopardized, because they value “growth” over “playing tetris in my comfort zone”,
  • at some level sincerely wanting to make the world a better place! (YES!)


Tasting the Poem of Life. Yup.

The Arc Fest is a carefully curated community of game changers and change makers, of vision architects and day dreamers, of stowaways and outcasts, creatives and corporate yuppies. This on its own should be enough. If you are the planner type, here some more details.

On The Arc Fest we will:

  • Decelerate. Stop. Inhale and exhaleIn a bunch of workshops we’ll tackle questions such as: Where is my bottleneck to personal growth? How must I grow to become a more authentic and inspiring fellow or leader? Does my personal life need adjustment? What do I REALLY wanna head towards?
  • Party. Flowers in the hair. Noctilucent fireflies in the sky | The team has prepped experiences that you are likely to love until the end of days.
  • Inspire and be inspired. Play. Dream. Fall in loveWhat else? A bunch of speakers that will move your hearts and tickle your ambition, facilitators from The Arc network and beyond and… as always: REALLY REALLY GOOD FOOD. (Yumm…)

When? What?
After 12:00 Arrival and drop your bags at Gutshof 3, 16248 Lunow-Stolzenhagen (Hippie Venue)
After 14:00  Registration starts | Please come to Gutshof 3, 16248 Lunow-Stolzenhagen (Hippie Venue) for registration
14:00-17:00 Decorate the venue with Kathrin Renner (optional – just some fun)
14:00-17:00 Make a flower crown with Annika Päutz
18:00-20:00 Surprise Potluck-Dinner: “Flowers in the hair – Living a life of pastel shades”
After 20:00 Welcome Plenary
After 22:00 Chillin’ out + Mini Workshops by participants
08:30-09:30 Morning Yoga with Fee Winkenbach
until 10:00 Breakfast
10:00-13:00 Morning Workshops with Irina Buruiana, Kevin Groen, Annika Päutz and Fabian Brüggemann
13:00-15:00 Lunch
15:00-19:00 Afternoon Workshops (continuation of Morning Workshops)
After 20:00 White Dinner + ArcX Talks
After 22:00 Surprise Firefly Party
08:30-09:30 Morning Yoga with Fee Winkenbach
Until 11:00 Breakfast
11:00-13:00 Closing Plenary
13:00-15:00 Lunch
After 15:00 Departures
Last bus to Berlin Central Station to be announced on site
As always The Arc will ask you fun stuff to bring along, so here we go:

  • A water bottle | Always good.
  • One dish for your table group for Friday evening | You will get a separate email about this 😉
  • One outfit in pastel shades | Light pink, blue, yellow – everything’s allowed! For the men: At least find some t-shirt in those colours.
  • One entirely white outfit.
  • One larger candle | Not just one tiny tea light, but a bit larger.
  • Towels for the sauna (if you wanna use it)
  • Sports gear – in case you are up for the morning yoga. There will be yoga mats provided, but germophobes can of course bring their own.
  • Something white to decorate the venue with.
  • One or more empty bottle(s) with no label | Don’t ask why 😉
  • Instruments – if you play one.

We WILL be outside quite a bit, so do check the Berlin weather conditions in advance.

This is for everyone who wants to contribute. You can be …

  • A WORKSHOP LEADER | Workshops are expected to last approx. 30-45min. We will put up a list. Whoever comes is the right person to come. Please contact us if you need special materials/announcements from our side.

  • A SPEAKER | The Talks will be TedX style: 10-15 min on a topic that inspired yourself and might inspire a crowd of Arcies, too. You can nominate a friend or sign up yourself. There is speaker coaching available on our behalf and – yes – talks are likely going to be recorded/published (unless you tell us otherwise).

  • AN ARTIST/MUSICIAN/PERFORMER | If you can play an instrument, you can sing or recite poetry – we’ll happily be your stage and allocate a slot for you in the programme to make the audience applaud you.

You may also NOMINATE SOMEONE ELSE – if you wish.
We will then contact that person on your behalf. 

View guest list


By 25th August 2017  we will close the list of nominations/signups. Please forgive us if we have to make a prio list in case of too many signups as we know that probably EVERYONE on The Arc Fest can contribute something invaluable.

Our Location

In order to cater for the different needs of Arc Fest participants we have organised to venues very close to each other in which you can basically book anything from a cheap BYOT camp site to a hotel-style bedroom.

Haus Taubenblau/Gut Stolzenhagen: Ernst-Thälmann-Str. 9, 16248 Lunow-Stolzenhagen (Make sure to get to the CORRECT Stolzenhagen. There are 2 Stolzenhagens in the outskirts of Berlin)

How to get thereCall a Ruf-Bus-Taxi | Call a normal taxi from Angermünde

Ponderosa Gästehaus/Gut Stolzenhagen: Gutshof 3, 16248 Lunow-Stolzenhagen (Make sure to get to the CORRECT Stolzenhagen. There are 2 Stolzenhagens in the outskirts of Berlin)

How to get thereCall a Ruf-Bus-TaxiCall a normal taxi from Angermünde

Curious? Thrilled? Excited?


Join the community of a life time:

Questions? Ask our hosts here:

Astrid Schrader

Kathrin Renner

Eline van Breukelen

Your team of trainers

Irina Buruiana

, ,

Psychologist, Trainer & Thrill Seeker | Spain & Romania | Sharp Mind, Creative, Trust Creator

Fabian Brüggemann


IT Consultant & Improv Entrepreneur | Germany | Open mind, Courage, Freedom

Annika Päutz

, ,

Empowerment Trainer & Coach | Germany | Enthusiasm, Vision, Compassion

News from The Fest, its Speakers and Trainers

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