The Arc Blankensee
22nd-25th November 2018 | Registration open

The Arc Blankensee is a Leadership Retreat

… coaching ambitious individuals to a level where their impact is inspiring to themselves and to others. Full stop.

We challenge you to go beyond what you think is possible. We challenge you to exceed expectations. We challenge you to face up to your limits. And once you do we support you to empower yourself and those around you. 

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Curious? Then you are just right with us.

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As an entrepreneur you often subconsciously hide yourself behind big words and agendas. You forget that there is an actual heart hidden within the daily machinery of success and drive. The Arc reconnected me to my mission and how important compassion and authenticity are even when working. It has simply been the best week of my life.
Chris | Tech Startup Co-Founder, Germany
The use of coaching methodology made The Arc a very powerful experience, as it allowed me to focus on my own mission and goals. Thanks to this experience, along with the post-event coaching, I was able to get started as an entrepreneur.
Zsofia | Founder of an HR Development Company, Hungary
The Arc is the single most effective training I have attended. In terms of personal growth and understanding. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the pursuit of self-development.
Ronan | Social Entrepreneur, Ireland
This training is by far the most important in my life. It changed me for the better. What I underwent during The Arc made me stronger, made me believe in myself and my ability to change the world.
Katie | Educator, Bulgaria
Since it is very challenging and almost impossible to describe the feeling and state of mind I had after the Arc to friends and family I decided to put it in an simple phrase and leave the rest with my counterpart: The Arc has been the most important and valuable gift I have ever received in my life.
Jan | Founder & Programme Director of a Mentoring Company, Germany
A life changing experience that made me change my priorities and pushed me to act in order to follow my dreams. As simple as that 😉
Kristina | Teacher , Bulgaria

Who is it for?

The Arc Blankensee is a residential training event for young people who are…

  • willing to question the impact they have generated so far in their life,
  • curious to understand their limits and the edge of their comfort zone,
  • giving and empathetic to their peers / their surrounding,
  • certain that they could have a much better and greater impact, if _ _ _ [fill in the blank],
  • at some level sincerely wanting to inspire themselves and others.

This event is designed for everyone with the ambition to be an agent for change. Just that… maybe you haven’t really found out what inspirational message exactly it is you want to put out there. Or maybe… you kind of already DID shake hands with your inner calling, but something is holding you back to pursue your path of greatness. You are explicitly not required to bring any particular experience, career progress whatsoever! Just apply, bring yourself, your passions, your fears, your potential, your brain! We will love you no matter who you are.

When was the last time you were on a date with your life purpose?

Who do YOU dare to be and which IMPACT do you wanna stand for?

After The Arc you will have a clearer understanding on:

  • WTF your passion (YES, PASSION!) is that everyone says you are supposed to follow!
  • Which person you need to grow into if you want to have larger and deeper impact. Where you need to push the envelope.
  • How on earth you can get that done and what to do if self-doubt, laziness or impact-fatigue knock on your the door.

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The Venue

This beautiful venue is closely located to Blankensee/Mittenwalde (not: Blankensee/Trebbin). It is surrounded by beautiful grounds and ravishing nature. The perfect place to disconnect, reflect and unwind.

You will be hosted in a beautifully refurbished building and sleep under home-manifactured alpaka bed sheets stemming directly from the alpaka breeding of the venue. As you will see: The owners of this venue have put their hearts and soul into every corner of their house.

Please note that there is always a risk that the venue might need to be changed. Needless to say that – should this happen – you will be informed in due time. And that any alternative venue will be close to this one and of similar standards. 

Rooms will be shared. If that is an issue to you pls contact us and we will let you know how much of an additional price there will be for a single room (NB: This also depends on the number of registrations).

Address: Landhaus am See/ Alpakazucht Brandenburg | Pinnow 9, 17268 Gerswalde, Germany

Curious? Thrilled? Excited?

Apply below!

Registration opens: 14:00 on the first day
Programme starts: 16:00 on the first day
Ending time: 17:00 on the last day

Ticket price

  • OPTION A – if you are a self-paying individual or sponsored by a charitable organisation: €898,00 for the training + training materials + €31,00 for food per person per day (4 days food) + €59,00 lodging per person per night (3 nights)

In most EU countries you – as a private person – can deduct The Arc (all expenses) from your tax bill which on average lowers the price by 40-50% (depending on your individual tax rate). More info here.

  • OPTION B: €2999,00 (+ VAT) if you are a sponsored by your employer. This rate includes food and lodging


  • Top up for a single room: €99,00 (incl. VAT) if you prefer to stay in a single room rather than a double room for the whole duration of your stay
  • Extra night: We welcome you to stay an extra night at a reduced rate: €31,00 food + €59,00 double room (incl. VAT)

What’s included

  • Tickets to this event include: Participation at the event (duuh!), training materials, lodging & food (not: post-event coaching)

Disclaimer on future prices

  • Please note that The Arc is starting up as a company, so the prices quotes for future events will need to change (i.e. go up) in the coming years.
Things to bring:

  • Time. Your brain and your heart
  • Slippers
  • Bed sheets + towels (if you do not wanna bring them you can also get them at the venue for an additional €12,00)
  • 1 x really comfortable clothes which are suitable for indoor sport exercise and 1 x sport shoes
  • A refillable water bottle (doesn’t do any harm)
  • A (paper-)notebook and something to write with

Things to leave at home:

  • Sleeping bags (yes, ppl ask this again and again!)
  • Work! We often call The Arc a retreat, but be aware that there are likely to be some days that might feel exhausting. The Arc is energising as a whole but – at the same time – requires our energy, attention and presence. Whilst we understand it is not always possible to 100% shut off our work, it is highly recommended.

Can I come late or leave early?

People repeatedly ask if they can arrive late or leave early. Given though that in the past almost 100% of the people to who we gave exceptions advised us to not do that in the future as it had deprived them of parts of the experience. Hence: Please do take the above starting and ending times as given.

Pls note that once you have purchased your ticket you can still pass it on to someone else, however we do not issue any refunds.
You have the potential and the ambition to generate exceptional social impact in the next 1-3 years AND unless you are granted a price reduction, you cannot afford to join The Arc? The MINIMUM PRICE for this particular event is €750,00, but whenever possible we offer a bunch of scholarships per event. Here some info: The goal of the scholarship programme | Who is eligible | How to apply | The price you can afford to pay & the cutoff price | Take the shortcut | How candidates are selected
Deducting The Arc from your tax bill

  • In many countries you can lower the net price of The Arc by deducting it on your tax declaration.
  • For German tax residents: Check our latest information here.

Taking an educational leave

  • Those employed in Germany are often entitled to a paid educational leave. Please check our latest information here.

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