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Anni's Story

Berlin, Germany

Empowerment Trainer & Coach, European Activist and Creative Mind

CORE FIELDS OF COACHING: Live the life you want to live | Sustainable change | Kick-off and implement your innovations and ideas

Three things about Anni:


In school and in an internship abroad I had this key experience: The head master/CEO changed. With this change the whole atmosphere in school cooled down and the best teachers/high potentials were leaving, more people became sick.
Those experiences taught me that everything is about people and what they choose to create within their lifes. How they see the world and how they treat themselves correlates with the impact they make. So I chose to study Business Psychology in Lüneburg to get some theoretical background on that subject. But for me it was not enough input and learning experience. Therefore I started to give various trainings (RYLSchattenspringer & Empowerment), mostly for young adults and groups, and to work as an intern for OTTO within the departement of personal and organizational development to help implementing a new style of leadership.
Degree in Business Psychology | Certified trainer & coach | Member of the  Young European Collective | Facilitator and Coach at Rock Your Company, a German mentoring programme helping young employees to develop their potential | Coach of support groups at TheHumanTheBody


You and Anni are a great fit in coaching, if:

  • You are just Y.O.U. – You are open and curious about yourself and your own adventure ahead of you – whatever that is!
  • You dare to dream. You just realized that you lead a life you don’t like so much and want to make a change to follow your dreams.
  • You are committed to act. You want to put your ideas into action and make your dreams and visions come true.
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