Leadership Journey

Exclusive Event for Teach First Deutschland Alumni | 29th Nov – 3rd Dec 2019 | Applications open

Who do YOU dare to be and which IMPACT do you want to stand for?

Since 2012 Teach First Deutschland Alumni have been at the forefront of advancing equal opportunities through their work in education, politics, the non-profit and the corporate world. We are inspired by your visions, your action and your impact. And we want to support you in being the change you want to see in the world.

This is why Teach First Deutschland supports YOU and YOUR mission. No matter the industry, the organisation or the country you are in.

The Leadership Journey is a 5-day residential retreat supporting those who are already making a difference in bringing their individual impact to the next level. Afterwards you will have a chance to participate in a 6-months post-coaching process allowing you to implement the vision you have put forth for yourself on the event.

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The Arc is much more than a leadership training, it has changed every single day after, and not just my professional life. You have to be brave to really jump into the experience. Once you do it’s wonderful.
Jana, Teach First Fellow 2011
The Arc was the most powerful personal development training I have ever joined. Thinking about the Arc is like thinking about taking the red or the blue pill. Joining the Arc means, taking the red one. It will challenge and questing what you think about yourself, your life, your feelings and your vision.
Alex, Teach First Fellow 2015
The Arc opened doors to my inner self which had been closed for a long time. I found answers to some of the biggest questions in my life. The experiences and learnings continue to positively affect my every day actions – from the inside and outside.
Philipp , Teach First Fellow 2014

The Leadership Journey is reserved to alumni of Teach First Deutschland. It is designed for young professionals who are…

  • already committed to advance social, environmental or economic development, but who feel that they can (and want to!) push the envelope,
  • willing to question the impact they have generated so far in their life,
  • curious to understand their limits and the edge of their comfort zone,
  • giving and excited about building meaningful connections with their peers,
  • certain that they could have a much better and greater impact, if _ _ _ [fill in the blank],
  • at some level sincerely wanting to inspire themselves and others.

In short: The Teach First Leadership Journey is designed for those Teach First Alums who relentlessly aspire to be an agent for change. It is for those who embarked on a mission-driven path, and who in one way or another have proven to the world that – yes – they were serious about servant leadership, collective impact – you name it! Yet, maybe after years of hard work impact fatigue, exhaustion or a whiff of disillusionment about why you do the things you once set out for have sneaked themselves into your life. And you catch yourself thinking: Where did my inspiration go? How do I get back into the flow again?

If I was to generate the impact I truly want to stand for – what would I REALLY do?

What on earth are we gonna be doing?

Who do YOU dare to be and which IMPACT do you want to stand for?

After this event you will have a clearer understanding on:

  • What your impact mission (Yes, MISSION!) really is you truly want to follow
  • Which person you need to grow into if you want to have larger and deeper impact. Where you need to push the envelope.
  • How on earth you can make the hard things become less hard and how to get back into the flow as regards your everyday life.

The single biggest difference between those who inspire and who don't is the degree to which these people commit to their VISION.

Truth be said: Everybody can choose to be inspired, everybody can choose to take their dream seriously enough to act on it. This is not about naively lapsing into childhood fantasies, but about seriously asking: What impact do I wanna stand for? If I was to be smart about how I can bring to the world the change I wish to see, what would I do in the coming next months?

Hence, we do not think that the ability to inspire yourself and others is linked to your genes.

Choosing a path of personal growth and commitment to real impact is no privilege limited to a few TED-speakers, award-winning entrepreneurs or nobel peace laureates.

We believe that it is a process that can be learned.

Be it in your career, your private life or your health - whatever: One reason why people fail to get the results they could be getting, is because they do not dare to put themselves in certain situations that others would. This is how your thinking limits you. Hence, at The Arc understanding your limits means: Understand your fears, understand your inner conflicts and how to master them better.

Understand your LIMITS

Understand your POTENTIAL

Our values, our empowering beliefs and our talents are what inspire us to dare things others conceive impossible. They lift us up when obstacles arise and when thinks look bleak. Knowing what you are good at, where you are going and why you do what you do is one of the biggest resources humans can possibly step into: Alignment. The Arc gives you insights into: Your ultimate drivers that will repeatedly bring you into flow, that will bring you power and resilience when you need it the most.

At The Arc we invite you to think what could happen to your life and to your impact, if only for a few days you bought into the idea that you have a little bit more choice over the outcome of your destiny than you think you have.

What would you do, if it couldn't fail? When do you forget time? What change do you have to bring to the world in order for this to be an inspiration to yourself and others?


Get your SH** done

The Arc is followed up by a 6-months post-event coaching process where you – if you like – can put into practice whichever inspiring goal or idea you have committed yourself to.

Needless to say that the process is entirely voluntary. Its content, duration and intensity are entirely directed by: YOU!

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The Venue

A beautiful country house in the exciting village of Boltersen (Niedersachsen/ close to Lüneburg)!

At The Arc we love cosy venues. This one is especially cosy with its beautiful garden and homely rooms. Please note that rooms will be shared but single rooms are available upon request.

Address: Zeit.Raum | Seminar- und Gästehaus, Bahnhofstraße 19, 21379 Boltersen  | Closest bus stop | How to get there by car

Curious? Thrilled? Excited?

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On-site check-in opens: 14:00 on the first day
Programme starts: 16:00 on the first day
Programme ends: 10:00 on the last day

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Ticket price = €349,00 (Thanks to the generous support of Teach First Deutschland)

Tickets to this event include: Participation at the event (duuh!), lodging & food, training materials (not: post-event coaching).

Given this is already a sponsored event, you will all be automatically rewarded scholarships lowering the normal price to the abovementioned figure. Hence, feel free to skip the schlolarship application questions.

Please note that this event is open to Teach First Deutschland Alumni only. 

Pls note that once you have purchased your ticket you can still pass it on to someone else, however we do not issue any refunds.
People repeatedly ask if they can arrive late or leave early. Given though that in the past almost 100% of the people to who we gave exceptions advised us to not do that in the future as it had deprived them of parts of the experience. Hence: Please do take the above starting and ending times as given.
What to bring

  • Time. Your brain and your heart
  • Indoor slippers
  • 1 x really comfortable clothes which are suitable for indoor sport exercise and 1 x sport shoes that can also be used outside
  • A refillable water bottle (doesn’t do any harm)
  • A paper notebook and something to write with

What to leave at home

  • Work. We often call The Arc a retreat, but be aware that there are likely to be some days that might feel exhaustng. The Arc is energising as a whole. Yet – at the same time – requires our energy, full attention and presence. Whilst we understand it is not always possible to 100% shut of work, it is highly recommended.
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Your team of facilitators and co-facilitators

Alex Trotter

, ,

Teacher | New Zealand | Pedagogy & didactics

Tissione Parmar


Facilitator, Peace Worker & Writer | UK | Wellbeing & Inner Peace

Gunda Echeverria


Therapist | Germany | Personal development, empowerment, strength-based growth

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