Mastermind Dinners
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An intimate evening of meaningful conversation, new perspectives on our small and big problems, old and new friends.

In our time of hectic encounters most of us dislike the “Who-are-you-and-what-do-you-do-professionally”-pitch we have to give at networking events. The Arc’s Mastermind Dinners are intimate evenings to build and cherish real connection and meaningful conversation. 

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This is one of those well-kept secrets in the world that you think: “How did I not know about this?!” Everyone has to do this at some point in their lives!
Samantha | Entrepreneur, Italy/Spain
If you accept the idea that everything that happens at The Arc will happen for a reason and every person will be there for a reason, you CANNOT go to there and come back without having been touched deeply by what you experience.
Katharina | Writer & European Project Manager, Austria
A life changing experience that made me change my priorities and pushed me to act in order to follow my dreams. As simple as that.
Kristina | Teaching Professional & NGO Activist , Bulgaria
I would say it some sort of very powerful and positive magic *blink* And the awesome thing is, unlike at the events I have been so far, this event has a big permanent impact on my life. One could also say that the magic just continues afterwards!
Christina | Brand Manager, Estonia
The Arc is the inspiration that fills up the gap between what you are and what you dare to be, to become, yourself at your full potential. The Arc gets you emotionally naked in a way you have never experienced yourself before, and puts the focus on your strengths and your vulnerabilities. After the Arc, I felt the most comfortable I have ever been in my own skin.
Anna | Business Development @ Amazon, Spain

Who is it for?

The Masterminds are wonderful for purpose-driven people who…

  • treasure real connection and enjoy deep talk, 
  • are willing to challenge their own perspectives and (actually!) listen to others, 
  • seek to practice their authenticity and experience themselves (slightly ;)) at the edge of their comfort zone.

The Masterminds are explicitly NOT for folks who…

  • are just joining to get more business contacts,
  • believe this to be a dating night (falling in love is allowed, yet not the main purpose of this event!)
  • think that exploring and owning up to one’s vulnerability is for pussies. You shall see: it’s not!


A cosy evening with great people

One Arc community member hosts at her/his home. Snacks and drinks are provided. We are never more than 16 people to keep the evening as intimate as possible. We all exchange our mutual contact data in case we wanna reconnect anytime later. Let the deep talk begin.

The programme of the night

What the evening is about:

We cut the bullshit. We encourage you to speak your truth and search for the truth of others with curiosity. At the dinners we don’t do small talk, talk about others, or things we read: we talk about ourselves, our stories, our successes, our challenges. 

This is a curated event, which means everyone who gets in the room was referred by someone else in the room. The event is open to Arc alumni, friends of Arc alumni or new friends to The Arc after a quick get-to-know-each-other date. 
The event itself is designed to lead you to somewhere new. You don’t only leave with the pleasure of good company, but (if you are ready for it) with greater clarity on your current challenges. 

How join?

Register and get your ticket

Arc alumni can join by just purchasing a ticket. Everyone else is kindly invited to fill in the registration questions below. 

Host your own Mastermind

If you like hosting people and would like to build a strong-knit group of inspiring people around you, then becoming a Mastermind host might be for you. We deeply care for community and wanna make sure our hosts feel welcome and well taken care of. Hence, we prepared a small intake form for you (after the form you will get to schedule a call with our team – can’t wait to meet you!). 

Click HERE to fill in your intake form.

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09.11.2019 | Mastermind on Compassion | 19:30 local time Budapest (Hungary) @Kata Mórocz

24.11.2019 | Mastermind on Purpose | 19:30 local time Munich (Germany) @Oli Hülser (not yet confirmed)

2019 | Mastermind on Self-Love | 19:30 local time Berlin (Germany) @Alina Shron

2019 | Mastermind on tbd | 19:30 local time Lisbon (Portugal) @Goncalo Carito

More planned.

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Join the community of a life time:

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Kata Mórocz
Kata MóroczBudapest | Hungary

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