Interview with Astrid Schrader – Led by Daniel A. Guaper.

A long long time ago Manuel Pistner (Founder of Flash Hub) and Astrid Schrader met at TEDx and – wow –  what a match. We instantly connected and spent long hours at the hotel bar talking about business, teams, the universe and … how we as founders go through the everyday struggles of keeping our stuff together.

During the pandemic, many teams struggle, because it is unclear which decisions they are taking. Yes, when faced with toughness, the veil of politeness often times in leadership teams drops and we have to come out of the closet in terms of how risk-taking we wanna be.

Often times leading to a cacophony of different opinions and values.

Yes, a crisis like this unveils our ability to steer our teams through rough waters.

And one of the most crucial elements in this is the speed and the quality at which teams can take decisions. Hence, this is what the Podcast episode was about.

So yes: we are back for the 2nd time on their wonderful podcast talking about:

  • What is happening in us that decisions sometimes are so hard?
  • What confidence as a leader (especially TRUE confidence, not just that acted one ;)) does in the process
  • And how we can hack culture as an element to have better decisions…

Curious? Watch the full video here.