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The Purpose Fellowship (Cohort 2) Applications open until Tues 16th June 2020

Are you currently feeling lost or stuck in your career? Do you feel ready to take the next step towards becoming a more purpose-driven leader? Do you want to build your network, understand your challenges and find tools to overcome them? Here’s something for you! […]

2018 The Arc – Secret Dinner Berlin, Germany

Secret Dinner Berlin - A dinner in a secret but magical location (to be revealed on the evening itself)

Who is it for?
Open to purpose-driven individuals sincerely looking for new and meaningful conversation, friends and soulmates.
When? 17th August 2018 | Where: Berlin, Germany| How to join? JUST BUY A TICKET

2018 Making Money with your Life Purpose | Workshop @ Impact Hub Berlin, Germany

Workshop in cooperation with The Impact Hub Berlin

Who is it for?
Anyone who is dying to use their talents, passions and values to build a business that fulfils them and at the same time provide for a decent living.
When? 24th July 2018 | Where: Berlin, Germany| How to join? JUST BUY A TICKET

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