The infamous “Making money with your Life Purpose”-Workshop is BACK!

Are you dying to turn your passions, talents and values into something that can provide for a living? Are you a starting entrepreneur or THINKING about setting up a company but feel that you lack an idea?

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Here’s something for you!

The Arc is an international coaching community supporting purpose-driving individuals to find and implement a vision for work and impact that they love.

AND TODAY we share our pretty cool system on how WE managed to make money with our life purpose.


In this workshop you will learn:

– How to pinpoint that one passion of yours which can be turned into a viable business case (or rather: a case for impact)
– How to get started quickly with some low-profile prototype, avoid pressure to make money and build your product
– How to start charging and scale

Sounds cool?
Come and join! It shall be fun.
If you are curious and want to learn more, visit our facebook group:


What you are paying for:

This workshop is in a way for free. We charge €4,00 so that we can buy yummy snacks for everyone – for during and after the workshop.

For IMPACT HUB MEMBERS the purchasing of snacks is optional i.e. if you wanna snack with us pls pay your little contribution. If you couldn’t care less about the snacks but just wanna attend the workshop you pay zero.


Who are we and what do we do?

The Arc is an international community of purpose-driven individuals, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, non-profit impact addicts – anyone with a passion and a task bigger than themselves.

We celebrate life. We organise ravishing parties and intense personal growth retreats anywhere in Europe.



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