Are you currently feeling lost or stuck in your career?

Do you feel ready to take the next step towards becoming a more purpose-driven leader?

Do you want to build your network, understand your challenges and find tools to overcome them?

Here’s something for you!

The Purpose Fellowship is…

… a Mastermind of purpose-driven professionals supporting you to take the next big leap towards a more meaningful career.

The Purpose Fellowship is designed for those who seek to build a career they love, are fulfilled by and that serves a greater good.

It’s a beautiful cooperation between tbd* and The Arc.

At the Purpose Fellowship we support you through the entire purpose-career journey.

  1. Crack on with your biggest career challenges – but in self-chosen baby steps and in a way that allows you to have FUN (rather than more stress)
  2. Learn to coach yourself and others in weekly calls and small groups – supervised by a professional coach by The Arc
  3. Connect with ambitious, like-minded professionals, who share your values
  4. Get the inspiration and the tools required to progress on your journey to more meaningful work
The purpose-career-journey is our notion for pursuing meaningful work. It usually comprises the following steps (you may enter the Purpose Fellowship at any level btw):

  1. Identifying your real passion/ purpose
  2. Understand how your passion/ purpose overlaps with current work opportunities
  3. Hacking inspiring niches where you are so unique that have almost no competition
  4. Starting to conquer that niche by connecting to experts
  5. Getting down to the real deal and create opportunities (build concrete business opportunities, apply for jobs …)
  6. Learn to celebrate and love yourself on the journey
  7. Master the skill of being emotionally centred while everything else is on fire!

«I am in love with this Purpose Fellowship.» – Purpose Fellow, First Cohort

Join the Purpose Fellowship

► Start: Friday 19th June at 1pm CET / 5pm CET (you choose)
► Deadline for signing up: Tuesday 16th June 10pm CET
► Price: €35,00 per week + 19% VAT (Total: €315,00+ 19% VAT)

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What’s included?

Your personal Mastermind group
Based on your application/ registration you will be matched with 2-3 other smart and passionate people to serve as your direct challengers and cheerleaders.
A professionally-led peer-coaching process
With the guidance of our professional coaches you will learn the basics of peer-coaching and get a tried-and-tested framework to help each other to set and achieve your objectives.
Inspiration sessions tailored to your needs
Based on your preferences we will tackle specific purpose-career topics in three virtual workshops: CV-coaching, career-story-building, networking, talking to recruiters from your desired industry, chatting with entrepreneurs, finding your passion, to mastering negotiations… We may invite guests 😉
An online coaching course
Through an online crash course we teach you the basics of coaching. You are not a certified coach by the end of the programme, but you will have gotten the hang of it. The online coaching is supported by six virtual training sessions on zoom.
Individual professional coaching sessions
In case you are so stuck that even your Mastermind group cannot help you, there is always the chance to book extra individual coaching sessions with our team: Astrid Schrader (founder of The Arc), or Naomi Ryland (founder of tbd and author of “Starting a Revolution”). Please note that these sessions are not included in the price and need to be booked seperately.
An international community of purpose-driven professionals
Since its beginning the Purpose Fellowship has immediately grown into a beautiful network of mutually supportive professionals. We use slack to stay in touch and communicate between calls. The Purpose Fellowship does not end just because the programme is finished. You are a Purpose Fellow for life. Just join the club!

Time invest over the whole programme

  • 1-2h at the start to complete the online crash course on coaching (more optional resources are made available during the course)
  • 1-3h per week to coach your fellow Mastermind members and be coached yourself
  • Time to complete your own homework (you choose)
  • 1h every Friday to improve your own coaching and get your weekly dose of inspiration and community

Sign up to the Purpose Fellowship

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«I had a coaching from the Arbeitsagentur (Unemployment Service) in parallel which somehow was forced upon me. Luckily I managed to stop it because it didn’t really help me. Your program is so much better. Why? Because of the mastermind groups, the additional sessions (indeed, very helpful!!!), your loving and caring attitude, the possibilities to connect to each other. I have been searching for more meaningful work since January 2020, sometimes hopeful, sometimes in despair, sometimes too tired to go on. But you give me hope, knowing I am not alone in this. So thank you. I feel blessed.» – Purpose Fellow, First Cohort

Who is it for?

It does not matter where you are in your purpose-career-journey. What matters is that you share our ambition to build a meaningful career and to reach your next level professionally. You should also be committed to  the idea of doing all this with the support of an equally inspired community.

The Purpose Fellowship is not for everyone. It requires a significant amount of self-organised work. Hence, please only join, if all the following apply to you:

This is not a “watch these five videos and transform your life” course. Building a purpose-driven career is a unique and individual process. It takes grit and determination. In order to be accepted into the programme, we need you to be committed to this.

We will do everything we can to ensure that we provide you with the tools you need to start this journey, but: No answer we give can ever be as good as your own.

This is a peer-coaching programme. You are ready to receive feedback, to listen and to give your time and energy to others, too.

Part of this course is a coaching crash course on how to coach yourself and others. You will coach each other in Mastermind groups, meaning: you will get intense support, but will also be asked to hold space for other people’s growth and transformation. You should be willing to listen. Deeply listen. And to take feedback and advice, even if (maybe sometimes) you don’t like it.

Our professional coaches will guide you through the programme, answer your questions and demonstrate in live-coaching sessions. But you will have to do it. You are generous with your time and your knowledge . You are willing to invest these in yourself as well as others.

At the end of the day, your wish is to contribute. Yes, to a better world (cheesy as it might sound). You seek to build an alternative economy, and a better and more just global society. You may think you are not yet ready for it. You may be tired. But you are committed to following,  a path that is ethical and an inspiration to yourself and others.

You understand that: Whilst we can’t always choose what happens to us, we can always choose our response towards it. In other words: The Purpose Fellowship cannot change the job market, we can’t make you love a job that you hate. You will have to be responsible for your own results. Yet, we will love to be your co-pilot.

By signing up for the Purpose Fellowship you also commit to fill in the mid-term and end-of-term evaluations which is a mandatory basis to adjust the programme on the go and to improve it for future cohorts.

The course programme


 Fasten your seatbelt! Ready for take off! Coaching basics! Meet your peers!

  1. In our Mastermind Call (Friday): Welcome party! We will explain the unique peer-to-peer-coaching methodology and get to know each other
  2. Learning: Get started with the online crash course on coaching
  3. Practical stuff: Meet your Mastermind group and start into a first intense, emotion-deep-dive peer-coaching process

 We start our process of radical self-inquiry with an honest look at our current situation and (for each fellow) set an individual objective for the time at the Fellowship.

  1. In our Mastermind Call (Friday): Understanding what makes a great yet realistic objective by answering the intriguing question “Which aspect of your work life (if improved just a little bit) would have the biggest positive effect on all other aspects of your work life?”
  2. Learning: Dive deeper into the online course and our Mastermind-coaching-framework R-O-S-A (Reality-Objective-Solutions-Action)
  3. Practical stuff: Establish a coaching schedule with your Mastermind group and get going with your first coaching sessions

We learn to improve our weekly action plans. Hack strategies for ourselves that make homework-lists more intelligent. Not just longer

  1. In our Mastermind Call (Friday): What makes great homework? What are my strategies that can make the hard stuff less hard?
  2. Learning: Study the online course on R-O-S-A
  3. Practical stuff: Meet up with your Mastermind for individual peer-to-peer-coaching sessions. Coach and get coached yourself. Schedule time for homework resulting from your coaching sessions

 We will organise special sessions tailored to your needs. Potential topics are “Pimp my CV”, “Meet the founders (virtual fireside chat with entrepreneurs)”, “Meet the recruiters (with recruiters from your area of interest)”, “Making money with your life purpose” etc. etc.

  1. In our Mastermind Call (Friday lunch time): duuuuh… it’s a virtual workshop on the chosen topic 🙂 at times we will have external guests
  2. In our Mastermind Call (Friday afternoon): a chilled session with exercises/ group work to deepen what happened in the Inspiration session (basically: we make time to sit down and do the work like optimising our CV – which otherwise we wouldn’t really do ;))
  3. Learning: We might send you optional reading to prepare or follow up on the Inspiration session. Not too much 😉 no worries.
  4. Practical stuff: Continue coaching with your Mastermind group

Chances are that by now you have encountered AT LEAST SOME obstacles in your coaching journey. If you haven’t, you probably haven’t taken enough risk. This week focuses on how to overcome such disempowering stories in our heads.

  1. In our Mastermind Call (Friday): Maybe some areas keep being hard for you. Let’s incorporate mindset work into our coaching. We will disect our fears and learn strategies to counter them that go beyond “just put a post-it on your mirror saying I-can-totally-do-it”
  2. Learning: Advanced coaching knowledge on mindset hacking (optional)
  3. Practical stuff: Continue coaching with your Mastermind group

 By now we will probably have understood that “reaching the top of a mountain” is more than just ticking to dos. If this process is supposed to be inspiring, it is more about choosing a path of conscious self-mastery. Let’s face it: If we know where we wanna go and why we do so, few things can demotivate us.  Let’s figure out your true path of inspiring yourself and others (and how you are probably already on it!)

  1. In our Mastermind Call (Friday): Let’s evaluate! What worked for us, brought us further AND brought us joy? What is my unique way of self-mastery?
  2. Learning: Advanced coaching knowledge on self-leadership (optional)
  3. Continue with your Mastermind group: Challenge yourself to create homework that brings you into flow

 We are forging the path while walking on it. Let’s understand: Where we are is exactly where we are supposed to be. Evaluate our journey. Learn to celebrate everything: the good stuff, the small stuff and the ugly stuff that happened on the road.

  1. In our Mastermind Call (Friday): Wherever we are, we take an honest look at our journey – its successes, its hard roads, its failures.
  2. Practical stuff: Decide on how we want to continue with our Mastermind process after the programme

Yes, sign me up

► Start: Friday 19th June at 1pm CET / 5pm CET (you choose)
► Deadline for signing up: Tuesday 16th June 10pm CET
► Price: €35,00 per week + 19% VAT (Total: €315,00+ 19% VAT)

Start the Purpose Fellowship

«I have literally been ranting to all my friends all evening about how powerful and on point was to listen to you talk about my challenges and how fulfilling it has been to talk about someone else’s challenges to really help them understand their problems. Such a great session, I am so energised!» – Purpose Fellow, First Cohort