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An Online Accelerator to shift you from doing a Job to building Impact.

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A message from our Head Coach, Astrid Schrader

Founder of The Arc, Co-Founder of two Consulting Firms for Public Sector & Social Impact, TEDx-Speaker, former Management Consultant, Youth Delegate to the United Nations a.o.


But all we see is self-consciousness.
While so many of us have a longing to build impact and lead with integrity.


#1 Experience what your impact could be.
#2 Materialize your potential as a conscious and inspired leader. 
#3 Get trained as a coach and coach yourself and others.


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Learn who you are (or might be) as a transformative and purpose-driven leader. Understand what the impact is you wish to generate.


Take part in a fast-track coaching certification, get 12+ sessions sessions as a coachee as well as 24+ sessions as a coach


Get matched with other likeminded, handpicked participants as your partners in crime to hold you accountable, challenge, support, inspire and coach you through your purpose journey.


You have solid track record of achievement and leadership experience. 
But: You suspect that there are better and more impactful ways to spend your working life.

You have a growing desire to build something that inspires yourself and others.

Maybe you don’t know yet what that should be.
Maybe you are exhausted,
Maybe you have no clue how to start,
or how to overcome your next obstacle.

But if your wish is to go to the cliff edge and experience your potential,
become crystal clear on what the impact you are supposed to generate should be
and ACTUALLY implementing it with likeminded peers,

… then we are so glad you are here.


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00:14 THE FUNDAMENT | What does “combined coaching certification and co-coaching journey” mean?
02:12 THE GOAL | What does “building something inspiring” mean?
03:56 THE METHOD | What does your “Purpose Catalyst”-Journey look like?
09:59 THE TIME LINE | When happens what? Which days?
11:25 WHAT’S INCLUDED? | The hard facts.
15:38 ADMISSION | Who can apply?
17:11 GOALS | What are typical coaching goals?
18:42 RESULTS | What other participants have reached (on average)

1 Start 

Once you are accepted into the programme you will receive an online coaching training teaching you the know-how of co-coaching. 


  • Coaching is simpler than institutions asking €5.000-€10.000 for a coaching certification make you believe. We have re-thought coaching training and the way we teach it allows even inexperienced Masterminds to get results comparable to professional coaches.

We will match you into Masterminds of 3-4 people. These are your partners in crime, your co-coaches. They are the reason why this programme more successful than others as they will support you through the journey. 


  • Normal online courses have a completion rate of 30% or less. You will experience how the way teams are built at the Accelerator, makes your results incomparable to any other online course on the market.

2  During

Our lunchtime Masterclasses guide you through the precise process of finding your impact vision and implementing it. From more than 10 years of coaching experience we distilled the most transformative tools, strategies and questions. And condensed them into a form that goes beyond the tiresome “make a list of  your talents” or “just start a gratitude journal”.

Masterclasses consist of a short densely-packed theory input presenting the coaching model of the day (20min) and breakout room sessions where we freely mingle participants from the whole cohort (40min).

All Masterclasses are recorded.


  • You have your coaching model completed. You have your questions answered rather than an even longer to do list.
  • To intimately get to know other fellows in the Accelerator

Results are 3% inspiration and 97% perspiration. The reason you know that is why you are here.

Thursday evenings we meet to deepen our coaching knowledge through to-the-point theory input. Then it’s time for co-coaching sessions which end in weekly homework. Get closer to your vision. In your own time, but with heads-on accountability buddies in the back.


  • Many leadership programmes claim they found the one concept, that one method that is so great that it will shoot you to the moon. We have tried many and know by now: No concept can ever replace “getting sh** done”.
  • Hence this programme focuses on “doing” rather than listening to someone on zoom.

No matter how fantastic our Mastermind, sometimes we get stuck. For short questions we offer live coachings that are part of the course fee.

If you feel you have a big question or need a real breakthrough moment, it is always possible to schedule an individual session with one of our professional coaches.


  • Live coaching/ individual sessions are the primary source of experiencing coaching by a professional – and obviously get big questions answered fast. They are insightful, and fully optional. 

3  After

You do not have to finish after the Accelerator ends. Most Masterminds continue on and become close friends.

Moreover, we offer regular lunchtime workshops, alumni fests and dinners to stay in touch across Europe.


  • We are the people who we surround ourselves with. For many alumni (including ourselves) The Arc community has made the biggest shift over the years. Many of us found business contacts, co-founders, friends (romantic partners ;))… the list is endless. The Arc for many of us has shifted the needle for dozens of big life questions. And we care deeply about it.

If you wanna top up your intensity level and experience Europe’s most daring Leadership Bootcamps, feel free to sign up for a coffee chat with one of our team members HERE.

We will chat with you about what your true impact purpose is, what’s holding you back and whether/ how The Arc can support you.



Better than most online course | 90% completion rate

Most online courses have a completion rate of under 30%. Our programmes are 90%+. Why? Because our alumni repeatedly report The Arc to be the best or one of the best training programmes ever attended. Simple.

Soul-searching is one thing. This is about DOING it.

Most courses flood you with well-meaning exercises from pastel-coloured gratitude journals to listing your talents and values. They tend to make you feel good WHILE doing the exercise, but otherwise lead nowhere. We actually think that making lists is an offence to your intelligence. Deep down most of us have a shockingly clear connection to our passions and purpose. However we struggle to follow their lead.

This course compares to other courses like “knowing how to loose weight” compares to “actually loosing it”.

A close Community

Sure, every other mundane insta-fluencer says they have a community. Mostly this means a facebook group - to which nobody feels connected to. The difference at The Arc is that PEOPLE ACTUALLY KNOW EACH OTHER. We have tons of interactive formats ranging from mingled co-coaching sessions to deep-talk-dinners. No surprise that many alumni stay close friends and/or collaborate professionally.

The Coaching Certification | 80% goal-attainment

The way The Arc trains you “on-the-job-as-a-coach” has led to 80% feeling confident that they can reach their goals by the end of the programme. This rate is comparable to the results of professional coaches. The co-coaching certification is also great if you wanna explore coaching as a career option but not spend €5.000 - €10.000 on it.


PART I. My Mission

This module serves to get us clarity on what our passion-purpose-desired impact (whichever word suits you best) is supposed to be.

Rather than just being a wearisome brainstorming, this session teaches us how to train ourselves in deeply intuitively connecting to our mission.

Who did you give your center to? Your work? Your spouse? Your success?  In module 2 we learn a powerful tool to stay connected to our purpose even if all other voices turn up the volume. It allows us to increase the window between stimulus and response in order to take that multitude of microdecisions from a substantial more conscious and inspired place.

Here, we will share one of our most beloved coaching models on designing a purpose-driven career. It combines the most potent coaching questions from 10+ years of career coaching, and helps us to figure out: What are the most effective areas for each of us to work on next?

PART II. Getting Started

The primary reason of us being vaguely nervous about being on the “wrong path” in our work and leadership is that we are often driven by fear. In this daring experiment we will test ourselves how well we can handle the risks of joy-driven work.

We learn how “gameworld building” differs from creepy “networking” and “self-branding workshops” and how to replace smalltalk with meaningful interaction.

Just like with food, many of us have a pretty distorted relationship with Money. If following our passion doesn’t finance us a lifestyle that makes us feel like we are on the winning side of life, we likely start sabotaging our own team. This session serves to surface our subconscious thinking on money and teach us ways to make money with our life purpose with integrity.

If by now you haven’t had a massively big AHA moment, it’s probably because you have been circumnavigating a hot spot at the edge of your comfort zone. This session serves to let down our guards and state what really brings us close to our goal. Each of us will be presented with ethical yet clear options from baby steps, high impact moves, steps to create accountability or to burn bridges. This is your call.

PART III. Staying Course

If fear is nothing but heightened focus directing your attention to things that are at risk of being overlooked: What does our fear want us to understand? What are the deeper and more automated stories underlying our biggest obstacles in life? 

Similarly procrastination: What if our body was right in refusing certain actions? What if this is the feedback we really need to hear? And if it was simply our sub-consciousness letting us know that we are either on the wrong path or doing the wrong thing?

How courageously will we dare to lean into lifestyles that allow us to trust our body-mind connection rather than having to suppress it all the time? And what is an adequate response? Let’s find out!

The standard technique of “just put up a post-it on your mirror saying I am self-confident” doesn’t work for most people. Because we don’t believe it. In this session we will learn the tools to create self-love and self-confidence more sustainably.

Gratitude – if coming from a place of giving up or avoiding conflict – will easily feel like resignation. We have to know why we are grateful, and fill our gratitude with meaning if we wanna be agents for change.


We will teach you one method of coaching which in our experience gets you the best and fastest results with your coachees – even if you are an inexperienced coach.

The elements are:

  • The Coaching Process: Which steps do I follow in a conversation to get my coachee from “confused” to “here’s what I should do next!”
  • How to ask groundbreaking questions that lead to AHA-moments?
  • Coaching attitudes: Mindsets and ways of thinking that we have to accept and cultivate ourselves if we wanna be helpful for other people’s growth. 25% of coaching is knowing the method. 75% is doing your own personal work.

We will presuppose that you have heard about things like “active listening”, “the feedback sandwich” (as much as we dislike it) or “fixed mindset versus growth mindset”. Unlike many other coaching trainings we won’t dwell much on mundane questions like “What is a coach?” or “Did you know that people have different learning styles – like: through listening to a theory, by experiencing something or by doing it?” If you are moderately interested in personal growth or even just yoga, you will do just fine.

YES! You will find that a lot of what we say you might have heard before. But you probably won’t have heard it at that level of precision or that condensed. This course literally teaching the essentials of breakthrough coaching. It will very likely give you new insights and shortcuts to give you better results with your own clients.

Great point! You do not HAVE to get certified. The certification involves the following steps: 

  1. You complete all modules of the online course
  2. You complete 10+ sessions as a coachee and 20+ sessions as a coach (the sessions do not have to be with members of your Mastermind. If you do take up other coachees, we demand a minimum of 3 sessions per coachee for them to be counted)
  3. You document all sessions and have received feedback from your coachees
  4. You hand in a 2-4 page reflection of your journey as a coach: My motivation, my insights, my next obstacles and my next steps incl. future teachers, peer group and self-growth ambitions

All of these have to be completed no later than 3 months after the end of the programme. If all steps are completed a certificate will be sent to you. 

Please note that all steps are subject to scrutiny, meaning that if there are substantial doubts of your ability to coach with competence and integrity we may withhold the certification until these concerns are resolved. 

You can meet as much as you want. But if you meet every week, you will get 12 session as a coachee and 24 sessions as practice coach.

Please note that this is the maximum. People tend to need a lot less to reach their objective. It is however possible to agree on follow-on objectives. We will ask you to schedule appropriate intervals with your Mastermind. 

Hehe. Cheeky question. Having witnessed coaching certifications across Europe and taught dozens of people how to coach here’s what we have noticed: Whether you go through a 10h or 120h coaching certification does not make the biggest difference. Practice is what makes the biggest difference and the degree to which coaches can hold space. In our world this is indicative of how much personal growth they themselves have undergone.

Yet: All starting coaches battle with similar questions. We learned it is more effective to deliver a short training and help them figure out these questions in comparison to giving them an extensive training but then leaving them alone on the job.

Hence, we completely redesigned coaching education in a way that makes people “ready enough” for the next step. Here they learn coaching WHILE doing it.

Our certification is not recognised by ICF, but you will get the hang of coaching by the end of it. It’s a solid crash course.

Being recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) is important for some professional coaches. ICF asks for a minimum  of 60 classroom hours, hence ICF-recognized courses are very pricey. We think that more hours doesn’t necessarily improve quality, but we understand that ICF has to come up with some indicator to compare different certification bodies worldwide.

Time Invest

1 Masterclass + At least 1 co-coaching session per week + Completing the homework you set for yourself 

If you want to get certified, we will ask you to document your sessions and write a small report in the end.

Course Fee

For private persons: €850,00 incl. VAT (19%),  tax deductible.

Fully employer-sponsored: €1.499,00 incl. VAT (19%).

Partially employer-sponsored: please get in touch with us so that we can make an appropriate offer. 


APPLY UNTIL 12th January 2022

Programme starts on Wednesday 19th January 2022,13:30 CET
and ends after Thursday 7th April 2022

Applications are now open. We accept applicants on a rolling basis, meaning: Once you handed in your application it will be reviewed within a couple of days and you shall receive a link from which you will be able to purchase your ticket. Upon purchase you will get access to your coaching training. 8