Our Mission: The Arc builds community whose members challenge, support, inspire and coach each other to a level where their impact is inspirational to themselves and to others.

Who we are: We are a bunch of volunteers, entrepreneurs, corporate chicken, good-doers, rebels and innovators passionate about two things: Impact and personal growth!

What we do: We design personal growth experiences ranging from events to individual coachings for individuals or organizations providing them with a kite fly of inspiration and some kick-ass mentality to get stuff done.

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At The Arc we believe that…

the single biggest difference between projects that work and that don’t is the degree to which their leaders commit to their VISION.

We do not think that the ability to inspire yourself and others is linked to your genes.

Choosing a path of personal growth and commitment to real impact is no privilege limited to a few TED-speakers, award-winning entrepreneurs or nobel peace laureates.

We believe that it is a process that can be learned.

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 Therefore, we ask two questions only:

The Arc offers intense leadership programmes for young professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, social entreprises, NGOs – everyone with a passion and a task bigger than themselves: It is an invitation to challenge your leadership, define your growing edge and unlock the emotional resources it takes to take yourself and your impact to the next level.

You are stuck and you think you are the only one? Fear to fail your big dream? Or: Not exactly sure what this mysterious “big dream” of yours even is supposed to be? Clueless where to start or hesitant whether follow your passion or what your parents tell you? Well, the good news is that you are not alone. Our Arc Crew is by your side to help you with face-to-face personal coaching.

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