We are inspiring for what we DO 

rather than for what we SAY 

Legal disclaimer:
The above statement is true unless you are in the business of  public speaking,  poetry reciting, teaching and alike.

When we are stuck we tend to think:

I am the only one to who this happens. 

We both know that's BULLOX.

Truth be said, you are not alone.

Let's get started! Shall we?

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How we work

Yup, we are human.

Our mantra: We don't inspire you. YOU inspire YOURSELF!

Yup, we are human.

Think of us as a gym for the mind where you set yourself a goal and we are your cheerleader, your shoulder to cry on or your ultimate kick-ass. If you are looking for a guru, we are not for you. No hocus pocus.

We are results driven.


We are results driven.

We measure the quality of coaching not by the number of sessions, but by the results YOU achieve. Having said that:  Your results will largely depend on your commitment to your own growth. But if you are committed: We will speed up with you!

We love you. Hence, we will be honest.

We challenge you AND we celebrate with you.

We love you. Hence, we will be honest.

We are sincerely in this to help you grow. Hence: We might consciously or unconsciously point out areas in which you need to develop in order to reach what you want. Needless to say that our intention is not to blow off some steam, but to help YOU conquer your blind spots.

Meet our coaches

Gene Cleckley

, ,

Entrepreneur & Executive Coach | UK | Career Coaching, Corporate Leadership

Kevin Groen

, ,

Nudger, Storyteller & Trainer | South Korea & The Netherlands | Personal Leadership

Irina Buruiana

, ,

Psychologist, Trainer & Thrill Seeker | Spain & Romania | Sharp Mind, Creative, Trust Creator

Arne Reis

, ,

HR Consultant & Radical Collaboration® Trainer | Germany | Empathy, Transformation, Purpose

Astrid Schrader

, ,

Ex-Management Consultant, Entrepreneur | Germany, France, UK | Powerhouse & Idealist

Annika Päutz

, ,

Empowerment Trainer & Coach | Germany | Enthusiasm, Vision, Compassion

Chloé Kassis-Crowe

, ,

Dentist, Producer, Coach, Connector, Dancer | Ireland | Tough, Loving, Believer