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Arne's Story

Berlin, Germany

Transformation facilitator, Radical Collaboration® trainer, empowerment coach

CORE FIELDS OF COACHING: Standing up for yourself | Introverted leadership | Collaboration | Purpose-driven careers

Three things about Arne:


As a man of many interests, I have always found it exciting to explore different paths in life. With time, I discovered what mattered most to me: working with people and generating a tangible impact in their lives. That’s how in 2009 I decided to become a trainer, coach, and facilitator. I have explored the field of personal and organizational development from many different angles – in various NGOs, where I gained my first leadership experience; but also in the corporate context, where I had to stand my ground as a trainer and facilitator that was much younger than most of his participants. Next, I spent two years in Switzerland working for the social innovation enterprise euforia. This experience made me a strong advocate of sustainability and collaboration across sectors, industries, and generations. I currently live and work in Berlin as a transformation consultant and coach. My most important mission is to bring more self-accountability, collaboration and human connection into all kinds of organizations, so that more people can do work they love in truly empowering environments.
Certified life coach & facilitator for transformational change | Certified Radical Collaboration® trainer | More than 2,500 hours of training, coaching and facilitation delivery with over 5,000 people all over Europe | Management consultant for corporate transformation and leadership development projects | Award-winning public speaker at Toastmasters International | Mentor and alumni trainer of various NGOs (incl. euforiaLeadership Summer SchoolAEGEE, and the European Youth Parliament)


You and Arne are a great fit in coaching, if:

  • You want to take full ownership of your life and be truly in charge of your path
  • You are looking for new, unconventional ways of having a purpose-driven life and career
  • You are not afraid of exploring how your values, beliefs and emotions shape your life
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