When was the last time you tasted L.I.F.E. and just loved it?

The Arc Fest, a gathering of a carefully curated community of change makers and life enthusiasts, Arc Alumi and their friends. The Arc Fest is about celebrating life, its highs and lows, in a magically awesome location! Magical parties meet awesome speakers, morning yoga and Arc-style workshops on YOUR leadership and personal growth.

Who is it for?

The Arc Fest is for

  • entrepreneurs, corporate gooddoers, hard-core volunteers, inspired freelancers, social impact bunnies, artists, doctors, gardeners _ _ _ [finish the series]. It is designed for young life and impact lovers from all over Europe who are…
  • already living or wanting to live their passion,
  • thrilled to meet dozens of like-minded people to have meaningful conversations and interactions with that go beyond small talk and “hey, add me on facebook if you like”,
  • excited to lift their life to a new level by being inspired and inspiring yourself and those around you,
  • do not chicken out when challenged, questioned or jeopardized, because they value “growth” over “playing tetris in my comfort zone”,
  • at some level sincerely wanting to make the world a better place! (YES!)

Up for an amazing weeked to close your summer 2017? Here we go:

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