Covid-19 hasn’t stopped at our doors! [yeah, we also think that’s impolite!]

But The Arc is there for you!

Within one day the whole team gathered and unanimously decided to use the fantastic platform which The Arc has grown into as a force for good (or: at least we’re trying!)

We have activated the INSPIRATION OFFICE on our facebook group.

The Arc is made up of inspired young professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers across Europe. We are all in different circumstances. But we are all: AT HOME!

For some of us this is liberating (#ommmmm).

For some it’s depressing.

Inspiration Officers are beautiful humans from our network who volunteer to share their stories, thoughts that inspire them in these wacky times. Through video, their writing, pictures, a mini-challenge… whatever!

It’s pretty cool. Check it out and maybe you can also support others by becoming an Inspiration Officer for a day yourself:

Check out the facebook group


We are launching (almost) daily FREE MASTERMIND COACHING CALLS on facebook:



The Mastermind Calls are free coaching calls led by the professional coaches of The Arc.

Yes, they are a group-coaching format, but we will work in SMALL breakout rooms with max 2-4 people on Zoom. No big-group-call-bullshit. This is about REAL connection.

You will get an opportunity to receive and to give coaching. You do NOT have to be a coach to join. We will teach you EXACTLY the steps and tools necessary to hold space for someone else.

Who can join?

Anyone who is…

  • ready to talk openly, vulnerably about what’s bothering you (#feelings #vulnerability #openness)
  • willing to listen and hold space for others (#noassholes)
  • ethical, meaning that you will keep the space safe and NOT share anything that has been said with others.

Topics can include:

  • professional re-orientation, purpose, impact or any other life coaching topic…
  • daily structure, building positive habits, emotional coping, new perspectives…
  • even vague things that you potentially can’t even think of right now are allowed! Honestly: just come along. You are welcome, even if you don’t know exactly what to expect.

Emotions are welcome. You are welcome. All is welcome.

The Agenda?

We will:

  1. open the call, share a small inspirational nugget of the day
  2. make a quick needs analysis of the topics and the people in the room
  3. explain the coaching technique of the day and allocate people into small breakout rooms (note: the coaching technique usually entails sharing about challenges and ends in coming up with concrete and implementable solutions for each coachee)
  4. love the ride


Check out the calls



We will take care of the facilitation and look forward to see you!
Just join the ride!