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Irina's Story

Madrid, Spain

Psychologist, Trainer & Thrill Seeker

CORE FIELDS OF COACHING: Find meaning in your Life | Change your Habits | Wellbeing

Three things about Irina:

Sharp Mind
Trust Creator

I am a freelancer by soul and profession, giving me the opportunity to collaborate and work in different settings and people. At the moment I am developing and running my own programs that are talking about connection between mind (neuroscience and cognitive) and body using dance and creative expression, programs that I call Body Talks and Body dating. My belief is that interculturality is the main equation of development and peace, therefore I am also collaborating with an intercultural organization called Youth for Understanding, doing conflict meditation and educational program development.

My roots in the international work are through EFPSA (European Federation of Psychology students’ Association) where I acted as Training Coordinator. Through this I had the beautiful opportunity to work with different groups like Zero Generation, Demola-Innovation lab, EEE-YFU and other international NGOs, in different countries like Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary and many more. In the last year I have been working also in Morocco with the Foundation Mary Ward where I developed programs for women and youth empowerment, with a strong focus on health and entrepreneurship. It was an enriching experience that connected me with some parts of my persona that I believe I didn’t have and bringing a different understanding of reality and the world in general. That is one of the reasons why I treasure authenticity and every path that leads there with a spice of leaving a life when looking back at it you can say: hell Yeah! I have done it!

Certified Health & Wellbeing Coach (Institute of Health Sciences, Ireland), Youth Trainer since 2009 and Corporate Trainer since 2010.

I have finished Clinical and Health Psychology and in 2011 have been working with hospitals (Child Psychiatry from Piatra Neamt) and organizations (Open Minds-Center for mental health research) in promoting mental health and reducing stigma against mental illness. Meanwhile my heart was also in youth organizations so I was part of the Training Office in EFPSA (European federation of Psychology Students’ Association) developing the mentoring system and educational programs. Through my work in this field I have coordinated training events like Leadership Summer School, HR European School, Parkinson’s disease Summer School, Youth Trainers’ Academy and many more. I have been working as a Project Coordinator with PATRIR (Peace and Action Training Institute) from Cluj-Napoca in developing and implementing Peace Education programs in cooperation with 5 different countries. My experience goes beyond Europe, so since 2013 I have been conducting and doing field work in Morocco and Zambia by working with young people and women doing activities for empowerment and raising their employment chances. My desire for working beyond Europe was nurtured by the Council of Europe with whom I participated in a training in Kenya to strengthen the cooperation between the two continents. For the present moment I am focused on intercultural work by collaborating with Youth for Understanding Spain in conflict mediation and educational programs.

I was also active in the business sector by collaborating with Azimut Happy Employees and Know! Training for a better life, in developing and implementing programs targeting happiness of the employees, groups’ dynamics and human resources interventions.

My approach as a coach is looking at the entire picture of your life and giving sense to the emotions, sensations, thoughts and behaviors. I like to facilitate a whole body awareness in understanding your mind by bringing some alternative and creative insights. I am trained as a Cognitive Behavior Therapist so my approach is structural and cognitive with a breeze of alternative.


You and Irina are a great fit in coaching, if:

  • You truly desire to understand what is happening in your life and are open to explore new perspectives.
  • You want to change your life to feel better and make your existence on this world more worthwhile.
  • You are just a normal person that trusts that – even on a cloudy day – the light is somewhere out there although we might not always see it.
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