Do you sometimes feel unfulfilled, seeking for something bigger ALTHOUGH “ON PAPER” you have it all (a nice job, no big health problems, potentially you even have a good relationship)?

One potential reason for this big fat challenge above is that the quality/depth of the relationships with the ppl around you CAN BE SO MUCH BETTER.

Interestingly it happens again and again on The-Arc that once ppl open up truly to the ppl that matter most to them the energy boost is massive. We have seen ppl skyrocketing into all sorts of directions – from business to health.

Today we interview Irina, couple therapist and also part of The-Arc team, on how she supports people in being more fulfilled by REALLY SHOWING up in your relationships.

To us this is a very personal post. Despite all the funny laughter in that video, we are always hesitant and a bit scared to “publish” these videos touching more upon the personal parts ppl experience on The-Arc.
We are pretty scared of being judged, so it is easy to celebrate ppl for setting up their own company, writing books or winning prices after The-Arc.
But the reason for all these breakthroughs in 99% is to be found in the massive energy boost they get from conversations with ppl like Irina.

As a matter of fact that’s where the real breakthroughs happen.

Watch for yourself.

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We love you. We really do.
Your dedicated The-Arc Tribe.