Samantha Sacchi Muci (Venezuelan, Spanish, Italian and alumna of The Arc Eindhoven 2017) has always been entrepreneurial. Up until recently she led a company with her mother, but now she started her own online business: The Self Club which brings together teachers from the personal growth space to truly connect with the self. With her incredible energy, sharp business acumen and incredible empathy, we have wildly fallen in love with Sam. Read on – maybe the same thing happens to you! – Interview done by ASTRID SCHRADER.

The Arc: Sam, who are you and what are you building?

Sam: Since I was born, I’ve been moving all over there world. I was born in Venezuela, I am part Spanish, part Italian, raised between the USA and Spain and with Lebanese blood. I’ve had eighteen big moves until now. I identify from aspects of many countries, and I don’t feel from any country in particular. Don’t try to ask “But if you had to pick one place where you’re from…” I can’t!

I feel like every place, every stage is a little part of this puzzle of my life that I’m slowly piecing together. Now with The Self Club, I want to offer others options to know themselves and understand themselves, so that they can be participants in their soul’s story.

The Arc: Nowadays you are running your own business. To outsiders, entrepreneurship often looks glorious. Well, we both know that’s at least partially wishful thinking. Maybe you can share with our readers: What were your biggest struggles?

Sam: I couldn’t believe growing up that the single biggest obstacle I could I would have in m life would be MYSELF. As I became aware of this as a young teenager, I thought “No fucking way”. But it was true. Yes, the world has challenges, but it’s nothing compared to when your mind isn’t on your side.

So I started to investigate, step by step. I had to really push away all of society’s expectations – starting from the physical ones of getting plastic surgery to fix all the ways I didn’t look how I was “supposed to”.

That pressure transcended to all aspects of my being. I thought I had to be perfect. And with that belief in my mind, of course, I was never, ever enough. In my head, that is.

The Arc: Luckily we know better. Today you are successfully running your own business. How have you managed nevertheless?


I remember repeating over and over again “My love and trust lift me above all fear” – The fear of rejection, of failure above all. I had to dive in, understand and deconstruct all these notions.

I would write all over my mirrors and windows with reminders. I just wasn’t going to let ME be my worst enemy. I felt I had too much to do in this lifetime. I just wouldn’t have it. So I pushed myself forward. I learned, I became conscious of what was going on, I challenged myself with action, I started to be more and more like my best friend – trusting and enjoying every part of the ride.

I have to say that spiritual practices and guides also helped me understand the bigger picture of why I was going through certain things and what the bigger picture. I don’t talk about it often, but it has been a huge influence in my life. I’m not sure I would have made it to this point so quickly without that. It comes naturally for me to search for them, because it is in my nature to transcend the physical all the time.

The Arc: Whoop whoop! We love that. There are so many people out there who probably have similar question about fear of rejection, the fear of failure.ย  What kind of advice can you give them?

Sam: Trust your f****** self. Not the self you think you are (your ego), but your essence, your soul. It is no coincidence that you are you. And that includes your fears, your circumstances, your emotions… everything.

We are born, and we die. That’s all we all know. Everything in between will be a lot of learning, but let’s learn to enjoy ourselves and enjoy the ride. It’s so much more fun when you’re on your own side. Overcome your fears of the unknown, and look in all sorts of places for who you are. You are so much more than your mind can ever imagine.

The Arc: Hehe… now comes the question that we are always most nervous about. Why have you actually joined The Arc and what have you taken out of it.

Sam:ย The Arc was a space in time that for me was so necessary and delicious. I really appreciate well-curated process you created, so well-thought out, that motivate you and push your limits as well.

The Arc was a key ingredient for to make the life-changing decisions I made the months that followed.

I recommend the Arc to absolutely everybody. Especially if you’re serious about knowing yourself and taking yourself to the next level. Thank you!!

The Arc: Aaaaaaahhhh… you know, we ask this again and again, and every time mentally prepare ourselves for the worst – so when someone says something nice… our hearts are dancing. Ahhhh! Thank you *blush*

It’s time for a closing statement. Which one is yours?

Sam: Everything begins with the Self. Self-knowledge and self-love are the keys to humanity – one self at a time. It all starts with you.

The Arc: Bam! Signed and sealed! Love this! Sam, we sincerely wish you all all all the best for the future. And… we will stay in touch!