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Chloé's Story

Dublin, Ireland

Dentist, Coach, Connector, Enthusiast, Dancer

CORE FIELDS OF COACHING: Starting your Business | Health & Wellbeing | Leadership

Three things about Chloé:


Nick-named the “game-changing dentist” and specialised in Microinvasive Aesthetics, I aim to bring a smile which not only shines bright and white but shines from within.  I am a certified Health and Wellness Coach, serve as a coach to the selected participants from across the globe at the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School in Munich, and was a delegate in Nairobi at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015. Together with my mother, I helped found Crow’s Nest Productions Ltd, a film production company that has seen it’s debut film ‘Dare To Be Wild’, release across movie theatres from Dublin, my hometown, and London  to Japan. Currently I am working on Greenlight – a project which is researching solutions to help my patients connect their physical, mental and social health.

Institute of Health Sciences Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching (ICF approved ACSTH programme in partnership with Real Balance Global Wellness Services, Inc.) | IDU Council Member | Founder and Executive Producer of Crow’s Nest Productions | Studied Denistry at Trinity College in Dublin and the University of Geneva.


You and Chloé are a great fit in coaching, if:

  • You are ambitious and serious about your growth. You sincerely want to push the envelope and are willing to challenge yourself.
  • Ultimately, you want to make the world a better place. You like the idea of having a good (or: great) income, but you especially want to realise your potential and have meaningful impact (a wiff of romantic idealism is welcome!)
  • You are human. You are doing your best to be the best version of yourself knowing that – at times – shit happens.
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