A personal growth retreat for entrepreneurs, VCs and top talent in startups: The-Arc Stockholm! 30th Sep – 3rd Oct!

Our impact is a s big as our comfort zone!

The-Arc is an international leadership bootcamp gathering purpose-driven entrepreneurs/startups and investment professionals.

We assume that you are great. That you have worked hard and made tremendous sacrifice. Yet, we also believe:

We all have a bottleneck to growth

Question is: Are you willing to face yours?
From The-Arc you will leave with:

– a profoundly better mastery of the fears and insecurities that limited you in the past
– a compelling impact vision which inspires yourself and others: for the next 6 months and the years to come
– an immersive experience of yourself living and leading from your core

Meet a group of inspiring equals. That will challenge you. Support you. Inspire and coach you to more impactful inner mastery and outer leadership. Not kiddin’

How inspiring are you on a scale from 1 to 10?

And how inspiring could you be today in 6 months from now if you dared what you need to dare?



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