Project Description

Alex Trotter (Teacher, Germany, New Zealand)

Victoria University, XING, SecCommerce, About You a.o.

My life in a nutshell

My life so far is a mission of learning to be patient (mainly with myself), vulnerable, and accepting of the parts I think other people won’t like about me. In doing inner work on myself, others can profit. That all sounds great until you get down to practise. But for about 20 years I was one dimensional with my emotions, I was only happy and bubbly. Over the years I have been learning to value all emotions, especially the ones that are so often connected to shame – sadness, grief, anger, fear. I love doing my work because I can listen to other people’s stories, accepting whatever comes up and growing. we all work towards becoming more whole & authentic people.  

My past training experience

Victoria University of Wellington foreign students English Programme, taught for 2 years at high schools, two years at Primary schools and now 4 years of in company continued Training. 

My core field of training

pedagogy & didactics