Project Description

Tissione Parmar

(Trainer & Facilitator, Writer & Peace Worker, UK)

www.tissione.comAlive Peace, World Peace Initiative Foundation, EuforiaCAUX Initiatives of Change a.o.

My life in a nutshell

Within my work, I explore the bridge between the personal and the collective political levels to do with creating social change.
For years my main passion has been within the field of exploring personal as a foundation of creating a more peaceful and less violent world and I love creating spaces where others can also explore this. My life has been a search to explore these two interconnected dimensions, because ultimately, change in the outside world and change on the personal level are two sides of the same coin, we cannot have one without the other.
Since graduating from University in the UK, I have been involved with various international social projects such as in Nigeria, Italy and USA, but found that much of the change-making world lacked an ‘inner’ perspective.
I then spent a couple of years creating mindfulness retreats for young people from all over the world in Thailand and Europe with the World Peace Initiative Foundation. Since then I have grown as a facilitator and constantly learning various experiential techniques and methods.
I am now designing training programs with my new project Alive Peace, and also working with different international projects to connect well-being to social change.

My past training experience

I have conducted international workshops in various trainings and retreats and have worked with young peace-builders, NGOs, digital nomads, artists, change-makers and social entrepreneurs in several countries.
I am Co-founder of Alive Peace, an organisation based in Switzerland offering experiential workshops and trainings across Europe.
I have also been a previous facilitator for Euforia, Recipes for Wellbeing, World Peace Initiative Foundation, CAUX Initiatives of Change.

As a facilitator, I like to create spaces which offer meaningful transformations and insights and I have given workshops around the world.
Years of being a ‘workshop junkie’ allow me to create and facilitate sessions which draw from a variety of disciplines and methodologies including: mindfulness, emotional work, radical collaboration, non-formal education, theatre for living, non-violent communication, conflict transformation, men’s groups, fighting monkey, group coaching, mind-body work, interpersonal connection and well-being.


My core field of training

Well-being for Social Change & Inner Peace, Mind & Body, Interpersonal Connection, Insight, Empathy & Curiosity