The Arc for Executives
8th-11th February 2018 | Registrations open | Invite-only

At The Arc…

we build community whose members
challenge, support, inspire and coach each other for
profoundly more visionary, impactful and inspirational inner mastery and outer leadership.

Everyone has a growing edge. We and you are no exception.
The Arc brings together individuals that respect each other enough so that they can challenge each other, and that will trust each other enough so that they can catch you when you fall.

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Who is it for?


You have logged immeasurable hours and made tremendous sacrifice.

You  are or may have been the Founder or a C-Level Exec at a startup / mid-sized company, a beyond mid-career investment professional / corporate manager or an inspired solo-preneur with international scale.


You may be tired, but you must be intrigued by the idea to make your life count. You (secretly want to) choose courage and vulnerability over lulling yourself in money or power.

You know: We all have a bottleneck to growth. And you are willing to face yours.


You will meet individuals with incredible ambition, vision and impact of all ages. If you are uninterested in listening, truly accepting feedback and learning from people of a different age class, please do not register.

What the bleep will we do

Everyone has a bottleneck to growth.
Are you willing to face yours?

The Arc asks: Who do YOU dare to be? Which IMPACT do you wanna stand for?

  • Meet your triggers and understand how your mindset limits your impact
  • Rethink your purpose and
  • Arrange the relevant areas in your life so that they are no longer conflicting or competing but aligned


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The Venue

Landhaus Himmelpfort am See is a family owned hotel, which is situated on an idyllic and quiet lake. The recently completely refurbished hotel building provides a lot of free space and time to relax. The boutique hotel offers several individually styled double rooms, spacious apartments, direct access to the lake, a free of charge boat and bicycle rental service, a small and a cozy sauna (sweat bath).

Address: Landhaus Himmelpfort, Eichberg 10, 16798 Fürstenberg/Havel | +49 (0)33089 4400 | email

How to get there with public transport? Take the regional train until Fürstenberg/Havel. From there you may either take the bus to Himmelpfort (every 60min) or a taxi (Taxi Köpke: +49 33093 39134). Upon request the venue can organise you a transfer from the train station.

The last train from Fürstenberg/Havel to Berlin leaves on Sunday 21:11 (hourly departure).

Questions? Ask your Host here:

Astrid Schrader

Conspired by…

Benedikt Gerber


Entrepreneur & Intrapreneur | Germany, Finland | Business coaching, emotional intelligence

Philip Ihde


Finance & Operations | Germany | Strategy & implementation, personal coaching, mentoring

Annika Päutz

, ,

Empowerment Trainer & Coach | Germany | Enthusiasm, Vision, Compassion

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