Project Description

Benedikt Gerber (Venture Builder, Germany, Finland, Spain, France)

BMW Digital Energy SolutionsLandwärme GmbH, World Business Dialogue a.o.

My life in a nutshell

Curious, easily excited and inspirational explorer – that is how I describe myself in one sentence when asked to. Inspiring others and myself is what I have been aiming for so far. Working for and leading in various organizations such as AFS Intercultural Programs, Rock Your Life! or the World Business Dialogue (former being the biggest student run business congress in the world).

With Munich based Landwärme I got the chance to learn, how to build a business unit (Portfoliomanagement & Logistics) and run a team for what would become the fastest growing energy company in Europe (Financial Times, 2016) and a very successful business. Empathy, perseverance and my “getting shit done” – mentality certainly helped.

Nowadays I develop new business for a joint venture of BMW Digital Energy Solutions and love to dive head first into this challenge. I love splitting my free time travelling between the mountains (mountaineering and snowboarding) and the sea (sailing, surfing), if not on a court playing ball. After all, I don’t wanna not live, because of my fear, of what might happen.

My past training experience

Intercultural communication and leadership trainings, training concepts and organizational development for AFS International Programs, mostly in Germany and Europe. Personal development and unfolding treasures within the Rock Your Life! Network. Designing and training customers and business partners on innovation management and new business in the German energy industry.

My core field of training

Entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence