The Arc “Impact Design”
5th October 2013 | Applications closed

How inspirational are you on a scale from 1 to 10?

2013 The Arc Impact Design Munich

  • Are you happy with the impact you generate?
  • What steps do you have to take in order to get to the place where you deserve to be?
  • Who do YOU have to grow into in order to produce the change you want to give rise to?
  • And: How will you tell the people that you did it?

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Impact design

At The Arc we believe that we are inspirational for what we do rather than for what we say. We believe that there is an infinite number of gamechanging ideas that deserve to be developed full realisation. We also believe that – if we only measure the impact of these ideas – their true potential becomes visible on the spot and can serve as an example for others.

Being inspirational is no rocket-science!
It’s a matter of heart, guts and … work (unfortunately).

The Arc “Impact Design” (Munich) is a 1-day residential training course designed for young volunteers, social entrepreneurs, changemakers… This event is a quick check helping you to multiply the impact of your project and yourself. It is designed for those who already (kind of!) understood about how they can make a difference in the world, but who are thrilled to break their projects through a level where they are inspirational to themselves and to others.

The Arc “Impact Design” gives you a chance to:

  • Challenge the impact of your project and your role as a project leader or team member
  • Understand which change you want to stand for to serve as an inspiration to yourself and others
  • Make this change tangible and visible – right away!

We will equip you with the basic techniques of social impact measurement and – if you like – help you implementing impact measurement in your organisation in the course of a post-coaching process led by our trainers.

  • Wanna know how it feels if your brain bursts of inspiration?
  • Hungry for change and addicted to love, commitment and dream boosting?
  • Curious about a training that can change your life in a snapshot of a moment?

Then join us!

Your team of trainers

Katja Behrendt

, ,

Medical Doctor & Impact Consultant | UK | Organisational Management, impact measurement

Astrid Schrader

, ,

Ex-Management Consultant, Entrepreneur | Germany, France, UK | Powerhouse & Idealist

Fabian Brüggemann


IT Consultant & Improv Entrepreneur | Germany | Open mind, Courage, Freedom

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