Let’s start October with a blast. The Hub. Munich. A handful of awesome organizations. One goal: To have the hidden secrets of social impact measurement be revealed to them during 8 hours only. So let’s let the world participate in some of our most inspiring findings:

Session 1:”Some people told me I was delusional. I almost fell off my unicorn!” or “Why Impact Measurement at all?”

Many people think that impact measurement reduces social project to a mere statistical figure. Booh! That’s such a pity. In fact, we believe in impact measurement because we strive to make great outcomes tangible. And indeed through impact measurement we can make our projects an easy no-brainer! How many people do buy fewer plastic water bottles because of you (www.soulbottles.com)? In how far are you the decisive factor to making ideas develop into social projects (www.projecttogether.org)? And to which extent exactly have you contributed to more peaceful conflict resolution in your neighbourhood (www.weareworldcitizen.de)? Any of these results is definitely one thing: Worth many more euros than we need to invest in them initially.

We however also strongly advocate a responsible use of indicators, insights about cost-ratios and any sort of measurement of outcomes that are rather fluffy-puffy in their nature.

Session 2: “Don’t be scared of excel. If it did run, it’d run away from you – not the other way round!” or “Why Impact Measurement is easy!”

Many people think impact measurement is complicated. Well, let’s be honest about it: We re-visit our goals, and we brainstorm all the great results we have. We think of ways of measuring these cute little figures, put them into an excel sheet an tick if we reached them. Hmm…

So just in case you still find it hard, give us a call. We promised to be there to back you up and … guess what we are …

Impact Consultants The Hub

In total awe and with great thanks to: The Hub MunichGesellschaft für freie Bildung e. V. | SerloL KeksProjecttogetherWorld CitizenSoulbottles & Soulwater u.a.

The Arc Team Katja Behrendt, Astrid Schrader, Fabian Brüggemann and the founder of The Hub Munich Joscha Lautner.