Project Description

Katja Behrendt (UK, Germany)

Leadership Summerschool, AEGEE-Academy, Rock Your Life!

My life in a nutshell
I fell in love with working in international teams and youth volunteering during my studies. Mostly in AEGEE, I had the chance to try out a lot of different roles within an organisation and learn about working in teams in all sorts of countries. After a time reasearch and consulting, I now work full time as a doctor. Nevertheless, I still love to see what people can create with the help of a supportive surrounding, and I see my role now in providing that support in order to unleash potentials and show what is possible.

My past training experience
Certified Coach, member of the AEGEE-Academy, Trainer of European School I in Passau/Germany, chairteam of the Agora Leiden/The Netherlands and the AEGEE-European Boards Meeting, European School II Castelló/Spain (focussing on project development), Manager of European School I Aachen/Germany and a trainer in the Leadership Summer School 2013. Also working on unleashing potentials as trainer for Rock Your Life.

Core field of Training
Organisational Management, personal development,  impact measurement.