The Arc Training Las Palmas
7th-24th August 2012 | Applications closed

The single biggest difference between projects that work and projects that do not is the degree to which their leaders commit to their vision.

2012 The Arc Training Las Palmas

The Arc coaches young visionaries to a level where their impact is inspirational to them and to others. The Arc does that by unlocking your personal vision of leadership, by equipping you with the ability to transform groups from average to outstanding, and by unleashing your most powerful attitudes and strengths it takes to shift from a process-oriented to impact-oriented leadership style. The Arc cooperates with experienced international trainers from non-profit and corporate backgrounds using methods that have been tested against audiences ranging from high-school kids to army soldiers.

We challenge you to go beyond what you think is possible. We challenge you to exceed expectations. We challenge you to face up to your limits. And once you do we support you to empower yourself and those around you.

Your team of trainers

Alex Anton


Startup M&A | Brazil | Personal Leadership, Business Strategy

Magdalena Musiala


Collaboration Coach at Sony Mobile, Trainer | Sweden, Poland, France, US | Personal leadership, social entrepreneurship

Arne Reis

, ,

HR Consultant & Radical Collaboration® Trainer | Germany | Empathy, Transformation, Purpose

Astrid Schrader

, ,

Ex-Management Consultant, Entrepreneur | Germany, France, UK | Powerhouse & Idealist

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