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Life purpose | Appreciative enquiry | Social Impact

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Magda's Story

Malmö, Sweden

Collaboration Coach, Trainer

CORE FIELDS OF COACHING: Living your life purpose | Aliveness | Creating social impact

Three things about Magda:

Personal Power

During weekdays I work as a management consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Berlin, but having lived in lots of different countries international youth work remains my passion for the weekend. My organisational background is in the AEGEE-Academy. Yet, I was lucky to have been given the chance of desigining projects and trainings for youth NGOs all over the globe. In 2008 German youth organisations, the German Foreign Ministry and our Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens and Youth got me on board as their National Youth Representative towards the United Nations General Assembly. For about one and a half year it was my task to mainstream youth issues in the inter-governmental negotiations of the 63rd UN General Assembly and the UN Economic and Social Council. Nowadays I am member of several think tanks such as the “Ashoka leading changemaker initiative“, and I am playing the big sister for a handful of truly mind-blowing social entrepreneurs. European Politics also takes up a significant amount of time recently: Since 2012 I am part of the facilitators group moderating the EU Structured Dialogue in the Youth Field for the Triple Presidency of Ireland, Lithuania and Greece; or for the World Youth Conference (e.g. Sri Lanka 2014). I treasure creativity and insightfulness, I attempt to stand firm by my principles, but after all… who am I to judge?
Certified Coach and MAB-certified business mediator (since 2006 acc. to §5 MedGes and §7a BORA), trainer and facilitator all across Germany and Europe with approx. 100 workshops lead in the last 4-5 years in 20 countries, regular manager of training events for international youth organisations (e.g. manager EuroIslam/ Turkey, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Germany 2006-2007, Bologna Training/ Poland and Ukraine a.o. 2007, manager of Mobility Training School/Germany 2008, manager of Noah’s Ark/Greece by the Council of Europe 2009, manager of Human Resources European School/Hungary 2010, manager of Leadership Summer School/Romania 2011 etc.), coach and facilitator in numerous think tanks.


You and Magda are a great fit in coaching, if:

  • You have a sense of lightness of being i.e. you can – at times – laugh at yourself. You don’t need to be serious ALL the time.
  • You bring a lot of sincerity to the table. You are not interested in pursuing shallow plans, but you want to dig deep, even if that means that you need to truly challenge yourself.
  • At the end of the day, you want to put your strengths to the service of others. You want to lead by example and willing to take the road less travelled.
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