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Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs – by INSEAD | Berlin, 13th November 2018 | Applications open

This workshop is for purpose-driven women pursuing an entrepreneurial career.

Organised by INSEAD and our carefully selected partners from the Berlin ecosystem.

When was the last time you thought about your OWN professional and personal development? (And not the one of your team or your business!)

Meet us for a mindblowing workshop to cut the small talk and get real. In a couple of Master Mind style formats we will coach outstanding women to be crystal clear on how they – through their leadership and their vision – can be profoundly more impactful.

We partnered with some of Berlin’s most exciting “women in entrepreneurship networks” and have INSEAD, one of the world’s leading business schools, as a special guest.


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This is one of those well-kept secrets in the world that you think: “How did I not know about this?!” Everyone has to do this at some point in their lives!
Samantha | Entrepreneur, Italy/Spain
If you accept the idea that everything that happens at The Arc will happen for a reason and every person will be there for a reason, you CANNOT go to there and come back without having been touched deeply by what you experience.
Katharina | Writer & European Project Manager, Austria
A life changing experience that made me change my priorities and pushed me to act in order to follow my dreams. As simple as that.
Kristina | Teaching Professional & NGO Activist , Bulgaria
I would say it some sort of very powerful and positive magic *blink* And the awesome thing is, unlike at the events I have been so far, this event has a big permanent impact on my life. One could also say that the magic just continues afterwards!
Christina | Brand Manager, Estonia
The Arc is the inspiration that fills up the gap between what you are and what you dare to be, to become, yourself at your full potential. The Arc gets you emotionally naked in a way you have never experienced yourself before, and puts the focus on your strengths and your vulnerabilities. After the Arc, I felt the most comfortable I have ever been in my own skin.
Anna | Business Development @ Amazon, Spain

Who is it for?

This event is designed for women pursuing an entrepreneurial career who are…

  • pushing the envelope for themselves and others….
  • curious about rethinking their career – maybe you wanna go back to uni (do an MBA ;)), maybe you wanna develop yourself/ your team…
  • eager to meet a bunch of equally hard working and inspired women to have REAL conversation with.

What to expect?

  • 2-3h of workshops & individual peer-to-peer coaching (see agenda below)
  • Snacks (included in the price)
  • A fabulous community of like-minded women

Our partners & guests


Professional and self-development doesn’t stop just because we are founders

Startups rarely fail because their founders don’t have the skills to pull it off. But often fail because we underestimate the impact that the journey we are putting ourselves on as entrepreneurs.

So often we are hesitant to focus on our own professional and self-development: “I should rather focus on work! This isn’t necessary. Too esoteric. Talking about mindset? Just let me finish my to do list!”

Yet, picking the right peer group and the right paths for your own development can mean the difference between a startup that skyrockets and a startup that dwells on with no direction.

How willl YOU develop yourself?

What are the biggest struggles you are really facing? Personally? Professionally? How do you have to grow? Is going back to uni crazy? Is “doing seminars” for weird people? What if you could freely pick would be your desired path for growth and purpose?


Meet incredible women of impact

We’ll bring together missiondriven women that impact the world each in her own way. They will share their stories, their vulnerabilities, their struggles and their victories. We are not saying we’ve got it all figured out, but that knowing what you want and setting your mind to it can move mountains.

Get coached • Get real • Forget smalltalk

We will work with you on: Who do I dare to be and which impact do I wanna stand for? How inspiring am I on a scale from 1 to 10? How does my very own thinking limit me? What is my growing edge? My purpose? And what commitment will I make towards following it? Disclaimer: Whilst there might be some “TedX”-style inputs, this is an event which is mainly interactive i.e. we will work individually or in small groups. Just sayin’

The Venue: Kindly hosted by INSEAD

17:45 Registration and welcome drinks (Please be on time!)

18:00-20:00 Workshop

  • Intro by partners including INSEAD
  • Master Mind style coaching sessions amongst participants – BAM! You will love this. It’s a super simple but massively effective format which you can easily repeat with your teams at home.
  • Closing.

20:00 Snacks & get together (included in the price)

A notebook and something to write with.
Laelia Events
Greifswalder Str. 50

10405 Berlin

Curious? Thrilled? Excited?

Apply below!

The price of the workshop is €45,00 and includes catering. Different rates apply if you are nominated by one of our partner organisations.

Register here

Join the community of a life time:

Who is partnering for this event?

Astrid Schrader, The Arc
Astrid Schrader, The ArcWorkshop Facilitator
Astrid is an INSEAD alumna and Founder of The Arc. She loved her time and the staff at INSEAD, and is committed to support more Berlin women entrepreneurs to find professional development opportunities that really suit them.
Anne Garat, INSEAD
Anne Garat, INSEADGuest
Anne Garat is Assistant Director, MBA Recruitment & Marketing at INSEAD Fontainebleau (France). She is committed to opening up new career opportunities to women – especially those in entrepreneurship and social impact.
Naomi Ryland, tbd*
Naomi Ryland, tbd*Host
Naomi Ryland, co-founder of one of the most exciting change communities in Europe helping professionals seeking their vocation in social impact to develop their careers through easy access to jobs and engaging content.
Eva Juliane Jerratsch, Venture Ladies
Eva Juliane Jerratsch, Venture LadiesHost
Eva Juliane Jerratsch, LLM and Attorney-at-law/ Associate at P+P Pöllath+Partners. She is also the founder of Berlin’s most exciting female founder meetup Venture Ladies.
Johanna Eckart, fem.couraged
Johanna Eckart, fem.couragedHost
Former founder, Johanna helped build the French accelerator NUMA in Berlin. She is now into recruiting digital talent and very active in the startup scene as a community host and blogger for fem.couraged.

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