“My life isn’t terrible enough for me to change something, but definitely not great enough for me to say WOW!” How to solve this? READ ON!

Often times we get asked in our coachings/coffee chats…

…whether it’s ok to complain about one’s life although you have a decent job and a (more or less) happy relationship.

HERE’S THE THING: You are probably asking yourself this question, because you sense there are things in your life which you believe you CAN change, but are somehow not.
When we ask about what these things are, people are often times CONFUSED!
Here are some really good strategies which we found really great in dealing with confusion.
#1 allow yourself to believe that, YES, the absence of unhappiness doesn’t mean happiness. Allow yourself to see that you DO have a challenge
#2 combat the confusion!
Confusion usually shields us from what WE BELIEVE TO EXPERIENCE if we chose to be crystal clear. Most of the time people ACTUALLY do know what they want. At least they will ALWAYS know how they feel about a certain situation.
Most of the time, the reason why your subconsciousness is choosing to be confused rather than clear, is F.E.A.R. Fear of failure and fear of the decisions we’d have to make to get where we want.
Sounds daunting?
Doesn’t have to be. Watch the video to check it out and have fun.
Much love
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