Often times we get asked: What happens on an Arc event?

Our standard (unsatisfactory answer): So many times people say “this is what The Arc is really about”. The truth is, The Arc means something different to everyone. Just let The Arc happen to you.

What we CAN say?

The Arc is a transformative event getting together exciting groups of purpose driven people exploring how they can be an inspiration to themselves and others.

It’s intense. Disruptive. Heart breaking. Powerful. At times exhausting. Cathartic. Deeply moving. Exhilarating. Big fun and always massively loving.

You will leave the event having clarity on which direction you should head next professionally (and often times also within your relationships), which obstacles you are committed to overcome, what your next steps are. On top you might well make some friends that you will keep with you in your life for a long long long time.

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