Let’s start 2013 with a blast! 18th – 20th January 2013: The first Arc-Reunion was held by the European Students’ Forum AEGEE. And a great number of Arcers fought their way through the snowy streets of Brussels.
We got it all! A big flashback of 2012: sunny beaches, palm trees in the garden, a swimming pool in front of our windows?
Well – ALMOST! Under some 8cm of snow it is (not impossible, but) hard to get a glimpse of the 30°C in hot Las Palmas. Eventually the only thing that did NOT change from Las Palmas was that rooms were still shared due to money issues.

As for the rest: We are different. We made it. We dared. We messed it up. We hit it. Did we? We are still the same. With different pasts and different futures. But with one week we all have in common.

There are no ordinary moments.

We all know it by now.
The Arc Team wishes you a flabbergasting start into 2013. With lots of wowsome moments and sparks.

YOU will hear from us.

P.S. And good luck to the AEGEE-board with their impact measurement! Big brother is watching you.