On 19th – 21st June 2017 The Arc – more precisely, Annika – was in Warsaw and had the pleasure to host a hands-on and speed-oriented Impact Measurement Workshop at the Advocate Europe Community Meeting. In the Workshop participants of 11 different organizations dared to design an impact measurement statement for their projects to reach their vision with a clear focus. The results? A new project between two organizations and the commitment, motivation as well as a completely new skill set amongst the participants to establish an impact measurement tool within their projects in order to:

– see and celebrate their team successes

– have numbers and facts to get more financial support and funding

– measure and evaluate where their organization can grow and improve

Thank you for this committed and fun atmosphere. It was a pleasure to work with you:

Eutropian – eutropian.org

Migration Matters e.V. – migrationmatters.me

Flüchtlinge Willkommen – fluechtlinge-willkommen.de

NGO Social Unity, initiative Euro Education – euroeducation.in.ua

Hate-Free Cities – BeInternational

kitten – kitev.de

Youth cultural center Herczeg Novi – facebook.com/OmladinskiKulturniCentarHN

The forefront of evolution – na-hvili.joomla.com

P24 Platform for Independent Journalism – platform24.org/en

Institute for Spatial Policies – ipop.si