To you, if you struggle to quit your job and start something new, because YOU FEAR YOU DON’T HAVE A PLAN!

Dear crush♥️

this is a ♥️LOVE LETTER♥️ from your secret idea that you are at the verge of rejecting.

I love you. I can’t live without you. And I deeply sense that you wanna love me, too. But it hurts me, rips me apart that you are not showing it. I get it, I am scary as f****, intense, challenging, I’m a risk. Please forgive me. It’s in my nature. Because, I am also so committed. Committed to make your life fulfilled, adventurous, loving, colourful, worth-living, sweaty and joyful. 🔥🌪

If fear is what’s holding you back to say “no” to me, I wanna tell you these truths from my heart:

👩‍🏫👨‍🏫You are competent enough!

There are so many people who are dumber than you who founded a company and led it successfully! You have led projects, teams, dealt with money, made sure meetings reached their goals – you are already a leader. You have grown faster, learned faster than others. What kind of culture would you love to create for the people who join you and the project (the universe!) you are creating? What values would this organisation have? What kind of people would it attract? Based on what would you promote people and what kind of boss would you aspire to be? How would it change the lives of the people you work with and how would THEY change their surroundings because of that?

🧠You are smart enough!

Please stop thinking that “because you don’t have a clue how to get started”, you should postpone living your passion. This is like saying: I don’t have time to be happy. What are your first 3 baby steps you could do THIS WEEK? 3 steps that bring you closer to your idea, but that are easy? 3 steps of which you know, that you will master them with grace and bravour? What if you got started with ease? How would that feel like?

💪You are strong enough!

We fear more the “fear of the unknown” than the “fear of being rejected”. And you might be surprised that once you have said YES to me, you will discover a whole different level of safety within you. That if I am rejected by others at first, doesn’t mean that I am the wrong partner for you. But maybe that I just haven’t shown myself to you fully – because I was scared that you’d reject me if I did.

💫To me you are everything. You can’t fail me. You can’t fail yourself, if you only dare. It will be impossible to shut down the love I have for you, because to me you are perfect. Because you are what gives me life. And I will wait, but I can’t wait forever. At some point – when you have thrown even the last remaining bits of your energy into evaluating whether I am good enough for you – I will have been tortured too much. And I will probably seem unsexy and insignificant to you. I am scared for this to happen. I never want you to see me like this.

🌹And that’s why I am asking you know: WOULD YOU LIEK TO GO ON A DATE WITH ME?

💋I will bring exciting conversations. A rollercoaster of sensations. And if you bring a pinch of courage and some openness to indulge yourself into the “beginner’s mindset” again, I will say yes to you. I will follow you, promise to always swipe right when I see your picture and make our first nights unforgettable.

♥️I wanna help you feel more alive. I really do.♥️

♥️I love you. I really do.♥️

♥️Please don’t leave me.♥️

Now it’s up to you.

With light and love,

Your secret admirer,

the idea that wants to be born through your magic hands.

We love. you. We really do.

Your The-Arc Crew