Days flying by… what happened to April? Wasn’t yesterday only the 5th? Apply now to The Arc Atélier in Hamburg! There is still one more day! Who do YOU dare to be?

The Arc Hamburg – We bring about change once our will exceeds the obstacles we face. 

The Arc Atélier is designed as a 4-day course for 25-30 young people. It will happen between the 6th-9th June 2014 in Hamburg/Germany. The Arc Atélier is perfect for you, if you are a young person with the ambition to be an agent of change! Just that… you haven’t yet figured out what exactly it is that you want to be an inspiration for or how to approach it.  In order to participate you do not require any concrete project management experience or any other sort of crazy leadership thing on your CV. Just apply, bring yourself, your passions, your fears, your potential, your brain! We will love you no matter who you are.

Invitation Letter 2014 Hamburg

 If you choose to participate in this event you will be given the opportunity…

1)        to question your limiting beliefs and to name the challenges that held you back from pursuing your path of personal awesomeness, 

2)        to shake hands with your life purpose and agree on a first date,

3)        to understand how your biggest talents, strengths and empowering beliefs help you override your challenges in order to take a leap into action!

 The Arc Atélier aspires to be an enormously challenging, but a highly rewarding professional training course. Its methodology is focused around coaching, personal development, peer-to-peer education, group facilitation and personal feedback. Not only will participants experience an intense coaching by themselves, they will also acquire the skills to reach a higher self-awareness and coaching techniques to empower others. All courses will be led by experienced international trainers that are all certified within their special area of competence such as mediation, coaching, design-thinking etc… Participation fee is 20€ per day excluding travel costs, lodging and food. 

Excited? Apply here!

Questions? Contact us! Don’t be scared! We answer every email we get! And in case of very personal, private, anonymous and secret request you may also contact our project manager directly. She does not bite (REALLY!): Astrid Schrader (Berlin/Germany), astrid.schrader /at/