Partnership Mandates signed. Phones still. The partners of The Arc UK have been selected. We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails! So let’s do it and hop on the boat with an amazing group of fellows: We proudly present an inspiring list of the the Partners of The Arc UK 2014! Welcome on board, off to new shores and an exciting journey…

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s our inspiring Crew:


AEGEE-Europe – Association des Etats généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe

  • The European board of Europe’s biggest student organisation promoting a unified Europe

EYCA – European Youth Card

  • a Brussels-based international youth NGO with 41 member organisations all over Europe promoting active citizenship by issuing a youth card.


Teach for Bulgaria

  • an organisation preparing capable and ambitious young people to become inspiring teachers and leaders in order to facilitate the access to quality education for every child in Bulgaria.


Good Deed Foundation – Heateo Sihtasutus

  • the first venture philanthropy of the Baltics coaching social entrepreneurs to fulfil their mission.



  • an international non-profit organization present in 1600 universities in 36 countries assembling student, academic and business leaders to build social entrepreneurs and social entreprises of the future.


PEP – Programm Engagement mit Perspektive

  • a circle of young outstanding social entrepreneurs supported by a German SAP scholarship.

Rock your life!

  •  a German non-profit organisation facilitating the transfer between school, tertiary education and the labour market by training 1000 coaches in more than 40 German cities.

Teach First Deutschland

  • an organisation preparing capable and ambitious young people to become inspiring teachers and leaders in order to facilitate the access to quality education for every child in Germany

Germany/ UK

Sandbox Network

  • an international network of high character, high impact leaders under 30 whose initiatives have proven to bring exceptional positive change to the global community.


IAAS TC  – The Training Committee of the International Association of Students in Agricultural & Related Sciences

  • an international youth initiative providing training to students in the fields of (sustainable) agricultural and related sciences all over the globe.


FDE – Felsőoktatási Diákszervezetek Egyesülete

  • the umbrella organisation for professional higher education student organisations in Hungary

NIT – Nemzeti Ifjúsági Tanács

  • the freshly founded and incredibly entrepreneurial National Youth Council of Hungary giving a political voice to young people in their own country.


SEDCo – Social Entreprise Development Company

  • Ireland’s youngest incubator of social entrepreneurs.


Coaching for EU

  • an ambitious Romanian start up NGO empowering young people for European experiences and improving employability through career coaching, training and networking programs.



  • a Swiss social entreprise committed to empowering young people as active citizens, volunteers, change makers and social entrepreneurs! Euforia is not about dreaming the big dream, but living it! For real!

The Netherlands

ESTIEM – European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management

  • A pan-European organisation for Students of Industrial Engineering and Management, Students combining technological understanding with management skills.

Sweden/ The Netherlands

Zero Generation Foundation

  • an international pool of experienced trainers and youth activists providing quality training to international youth-led NGOs.


World Peace Initiative aka Peace Revolution

  • a young global network initiated by a handful of Buddhist monks with one humble mission: World peace! Believe it or not! They are doing it.