Guess what’s online!
The Arc TEDx talk (watch the full talk HERE)

Probably no further introduction needed.
It’s hard to be vulnerable on stage.Although I am in the business of “Being vulnerable” and
trying to stand by my values, it is so hard.In this talk I share the biggest insight that underlies The Arc these days.
And I share my own story of how I relate to all these tough feelings
we are all going through (not just on Arc but… every freakin’ day).

So… yeah… everyone who leaves a comment: I will reply.
You have no clue how much “being exposed” makes you
receptive to even only slightly positive feedback.

= = = = = =

We love you.
We really do.

(on behalf of The Arc team)

* * *

At this point I should also pass a MASSIVE THANK YOU to the world’s
most amazing team of Arc facilitators:

You are awesome. This is YOUR talk. I love you more than words can say.
Without this amazing team of incredibles, the growth I went through the last years would have been impossible.