Dear fighters, dear beautiful human beings, dear Arc-people,

27th September, a bit later than one month after our journey came to a temporary end. We promised to come back to you and there we are.


We will dropbox folder in a minute with you containing all handouts. Please note that the IOOI workbook is still something we might call working material. Astrid took the liberty and sent it out to several organizations for feedback, and – as you can imagine – not everyone replied yet. If you have feedback: write Astrid an email. And if it is good feedback she will change the workbook.

B)Coaching in 3 steps

STEP 1: In order to kick off the coaching please – IF YOU ARE A COACH – fill in this easy link until 4th October 2012 (next Thursday). If you are a coachee you have nothing to do. Obviously you can/should be coach and coachee in your couple.

The Arc – 2012 Post Coaching Survey

You will be asked to name your coachee, to agree on a trainer you want to be mentored by and to name your mutual coaching partner(s). You may switch coaching couples, stay within your coaching couples and/or decide to coach someone outside the group of Arc-people. Guess what: YOU are responsible. But (as always): We will support you with all our hearts, mind and soul.

STEP 2: When you are done with the link please quickly drop your coaching partners and your coaching topic in this spreadsheet. This is our kick-ass-coaching-sheet which will help us stay motivated until the process finishes:

The Arc – Kick Ass Sheet

STEP 3: We plan to have 2 group skype calls within our mutual trainer-mentor groups. One 3 months after The Arc (October/November), one 6 months after (February/March). In order to have this planned well in advance please fill in the doodle below:

The Arc – Post Coaching Calls

Hugs, love and devotion,

and never forget: We are not inspirational for what we say. We are inspirational for what we do. Let’s start DOING!

Alex, Arne, Astrid and Magda (in alphabetical order).