What’s next?

The fact that it’s finished doesn’t mean it’s ended

We promised to stay in touch. So here’s how we can support you after The Arc.

Get a Coach:

One way of following up on your mission is to get a personal coach who will be your sparring partner, your cheerleader and your challenger during your journey.

Click on “more info” to read what the process usually entails.

In the beginning you and your coach commit to a goal for the entire process. This can but doesn't have to be the exact goal you came up with on The Arc. The only thing that matters: It should be clear, (potentially hard but) achievable, and mega-exciting to you! If you are smart, pick something you wouldn't achieve all by yourself (why else do all of this ;)).
What to do when we have a mountain of work ahead? We start going baby steps. In other words: Yes, there will be homework. Why? Well, guess what gives YOU the better results? Chatting with one of us every now and then or frequently doing something small (or big) in your life that gets you closer where you wanna be? You get it, right? It's basically the difference between watching "workout clips" on youtube versus going to the gym.
You are stuck? We help you brainstorm. You are down? We cheer you up. You are lazy? We help you kick your own ass. You determine the pace though. You wanna go slow, we go slow. You wanna go run? We'll applaud once you hit the finish line.
Coaching is about asking you questions and helping you figure out your own solutions to things. Rather than saying "Just do xy" we'd classicaly ask: "What solutions would you think of and which are you drawn to you the most?" We do NOT give tips/mentoring/counselling etc.. We also won't engage in anything that requires clinical therapy (we'll let you know if that's the case ;)).
No need to worry to pick a coach that lives close to you. Whilst we encourage to meet in person in case we are in the same city, this is not at all a prerequisite for successful coaching.
We believe that coaching should not be dragged on forever. Pick a goal that can be accomplished within a 6-months period. The clock ticks after your first session. Unless you miss the deadline because your coach wasn't available, any sessions left over after these 6 months expire.
You are steering the pace of the process. Being fully in charge of your own development also means that it will be up to you (not your coach) to schedule sessions.
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Ready to rumble?

» Meet our coaches (and get some more info on our coaching philosophy) and sign up for a session
» Compare prices of our coaches (note: some offer session packages, others single sessions)
» Take the test: What do I need coaching on? (as optional prep for your 1st session)

Join The Arc Circles:

If you join an Arc Circle you sign up for a certain number of facilitated weekends during which we will meet somewhere in Europe to recap, coach each other and have fun altogether. In the meantime we keep in touch by peer-to-peer coaching:

Sign up
You commit to pair up with someone from The Arc who you connected with well and to be that person’s peer coach. You meet every 10-14 days online or face-to-face. We recommend to have only one peer coach. And no worries: The Arc will teach you the basics of coaching in a small and humble online course. Your process will follow a similar structure to the Post-Coaching (see above).
You also commit to attend a certain number of weekends somewhere in Europe. You will know the dates before you sign up in order to be able to plan well ahead.
Truth be said: Given that we are still small at The Arc we don’t have a good solution for that yet. If you notify us earlier than 4 weeks in advance, we will try to shift you to another weekend. If you notify us later we cannot guarantee to be able to shift your spot. Your partner can still attend. Unfortunately we cannot issue any refunds. Basically: Please try not to cancel! It’s gonna be complicated.