#teamwork #dreamwork Edition: Building diverse teams the right way?

At The Arc the most heartbreaking compliment you can give is to say that we have amazing teams. Because we put so so so so much energy into them. We go through sh** together and celebrate wildly. And today we want to share one Theory, the Belbin Team Roles, that can help you to build better teams.

This model outlines the different ROLES (NOT: personality types!) you need people to take over in a team. Some of this might be obvious, some of it might be new. Watch for yourself!

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In this Guide you will find: 

  • An overview of all the 9 Team Roles and additional resources
  • A diagnostic tool for group and for yourself
  • Debriefing questions for your team and for yourself
  • The Conflict Management Recipe which we developed based on Belbin

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