Awaken the giant within. We are all giants, we’re all capable of greatness, but that greatness must first be unlocked.  This article contains the seven steps that will allow you to unlock your greatness and awaken the giant within you.

Helen Keller said, “One can never consent to creep, when one feels the impulse to soar.”  This article will help you to soar.

The 7 Steps to Greatness:

1. Get Angry

“Intolerance of your present creates your future.” – Mike Murdock

Nothing happens until you get angry!  If you can live with it, it will never change.  I don’t care if its 30 extra pounds around your waist, or a back-talking teenager…If you can put up with it, you will always have to.

2. Get Clear

“If you can’t see it, you can’t have it.” – Mr. Self Development

It’s just as difficult to get to a place you can’t see, as it is to come back from a place you’ve never been.  You must get crystal clear on exactly what you want to accomplish.  Isaiah said, “Write the vision and make it plain.” You must see your vision throughout the day, you must dream about your goal throughout the night.  Charles De Gaulle said, “For glory gives herself only to those who have always dreamed of her.”

3. Have Faith

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

You must be convinced of your success before you succeed.  You must know success is coming like you know next week is coming.  Only when you become convinced of it will you take the actions that will guarantee your success.  You must believe first, …then you will get to experience.

4. Make a Decision

“Decisions decide destinies.” – Mr. Self Development

Success begins with a decision; it doesn’t begin with good luck, it doesn’t begin with chance, it begins with a decision.  Make the decision to succeed, and never concede on that decision.

The decisions that you make in this life will ultimately determine your destiny.  Nothing is more crucial to your success than your daily decisions, so decide to succeed daily.

5. Change The Way You Think

“Nothing is more profound to me than the fact that a man can change his life by changing his thoughts.” – Mr. Self Development

Your thoughts are seeds into your future; whatever you plant in the garden of your mind will surely blossom and bring forth fruit.  I suggest you plant seeds of hope, prosperity, success and faith.

Right thinking, causes right action; only when you’re thinking is right, will your actions be right.

6. Work Harder Than Anybody Else

“I do not have superior intelligence or faultless looks.  I do not captivate a room or run a mile under six minutes.  I only succeeded because I was still working after everyone else went to sleep.” – Greg Evans

Greatness requires great effort…so don’t get discouraged.  Keep your hand to the plow, and if your hand is steady, your harvest will surely come.  Emile Zola said, “The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.”

7. Teach Somebody Else

“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.” – Anonymous

Create a legacy of success; change those around you, and your life will have improved the entire Earth.

Thank you for reading where every article expands your mind, increases your faith, and changes your life.