A fundamentally different approach to higher education through experiential learning, mentorship, professional skill and personal leadership development.

This unique, field-based program of The Amani Institute brings together a group of competitively selected, highly talented individuals from around the world. You receive a holistic, future-oriented training endorsed by leaders across the social, business, education, and government sectors. Your 5-months in Nairobi, one of the major global hubs in social innovation, will possess the depth and
pace necessary to train for effective change making – the intensity is equivalent to a 2-year traditional master’s degree. You will build your network, develop your talent with innovative tools and receive personalized mentoring and guidance to understand how to be sustainable and
successful in the long run. 

When and who will you be with?

When? March 15th – August 15th, 2014, Nairobi/ Kenya. Apply here.
Who? The Amani Institute offers innovative programs endorsed by the Harvard Social Entrepreneurship Collaboratory, The Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership and Ashoka. 

Our promise: to enable you to be effective at leading change. There are 25 spots available for pioneers.

Are you one of them?

Any questions?

Contact us at The Arc here or contact Geraldine Hepp (geraldinehepp@amaniinstitute.org).