The difference between projects that work and that don’t is the degree to which their leaders commit to their Vision.

The Arc Training is designed as a 7-day training programme for 25-30 young volunteers, entrepreneurs and changemakers, visionaries from all over Europe. It will happen between the 20th-28th February 2015 in the UK. The Arc Training is perfect for you, if you already dispose of a reasonable amount of experience in voluntary youth projects, if you possess the most basic project and team management skills, but if you want to develop your ideas, your knowledge, and skills to a level where your project(s) can be both profoundly more inspirational and of a much larger impact.

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The Arc Training aims at increasing the uniqueness, professionalism and impact of youth initiatives by boosting the personal leadership skills of those who lead them. If you choose to participate in this daring training project you will be given the opportunity

  1. to challenge your projects as regards effectiveness, coherence by measuring its true impact,

  2. to define a vision of personal leadership and acquire the knowledge and skills create the change you want to see,

  3. to unleash your true capabilities regarding personal strength and your capacity to empower others by using coaching techniques.

The Arc Training aspires to be an enormously challenging, but a highly rewarding and professional training course. Its methodology is focused around coaching, personal development, peer-to-peer education, group facilitation and personal feedback. Not only will participants experience an intense coaching by themselves. They will also acquire the skills to reach a higher self-awareness and coaching techniques to empower others. All courses will be led by experienced international trainers that are all certified within their special area of competence such as mediation, coaching, design-thinking etc..

The Arc is followed up by a 6-months peer-to-peer coaching process. This process can also be used to implement impact measurement in the partner organisation.

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*IMP* Special conditions are given to The Arc Partner Organisations which you can find here.