Module 1
Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

How are YOU? How is your LIFE? 

You are just about to start a second journey, a journey that has the potential to be different and equally meaningful. This part is about action, about your next level and – as always – about:

Who YOU dare to be and which IMPACT you wanna stand for? 

Questions? Just contact us here.

 Welcome | Homework

Let’s get started!

Before we dive into the course… here’s your WELCOME from Astrid (The Arc)

on behalf of the Purpose Fellowship by tbd* and The Arc.

We are SO glad you are here!

What a great start!

The purpose of this section is to give you a warm welcome and to prep you so that you know everything it takes to be successful in this course.

So let’s start and have fun together!

Just click on the video and get going.

As mentioned in the video up there there are a couple of logistics for this course. So here’s a small overview.

The Methodology

This is NOT a stupid online course. This is also NOT a silly zoom-party where one Guru talks about “how to find happiness in 3 steps” and you all diligently listen. No! The online input is minimal, because we think online courses mainly suck.

Instead: The intention is to make you the master of the course! We will allocate you in respective Masterminds which will serve as your peer group for the duration of the Accelerator. We will teach you the basics of coaching. You coach your Mastermind peers and get coaching from them, too. You will agree on how much coaching you want and how many sessions. The Arc will be by your side to support you in your overall coaching mission.

Why this is better than any other coaching format online we have seen so far?

  • It is ACTUAL community. Not just some stupid “we all listen to one person on zoom”
  • You learn the basics of coaching – not just through a course, but through practice
  • You are accountable – not just to one far-away-course-teacher but to the actual people in your Mastermind

:star:Your Mastermind:star:
It’s better with company! As part of this Fellowship we will allocate you to a small group. This is your Mastermind. Your partners in crime. The people who will challenge and support, coach you and from who you shall receive coaching from.
We will make a specific slack channel for your Mastermind, but it is also allowed to exchange whatsapps, emails… whatever. Yes, you are officially allowed to have as much contact as you and AND EVEN become friends.

:star:The Coaching Course:star:
The basics of coaching are shockingly simple. We deliberately say “basics” as you won’t be a certified coach by the end of it. But, you will probably get the hang of it.
You may do the online class at your own speed. The videos are there to help but all knowledge is covered in the text below the videos.The MOST IMPORTANT MODULE IS MODULE #3. This is where the ACTUAL coaching course takes place. The rest is fun but optional.

:star:The Masterclasses and Co-Coaching Calls:star:
The Mastermind Calls are your weekly check-ins where we perfect our coaching and crack on with purpose-career topics based on your preference.

MASTERCLASSES: thematic workshops on purpose-career topics. Optional. Recorded.
CO-COACHING CALLS: Coaching calls where we will crack on with our peer coaching.

:star: Slack :star:
Our central communication platform! Let’s share our successes and insights on slack! So that we dare to celebrate each other and ourselves!

:star: Individual Sessions :star:
If you feel your Mastermind cannot help you and you are stuck for real, looking for a true breakthrough by a professional coach: Just contact Astrid. Either through a direct message. The sessions are not included in the original price, and have made the difference for a lot of fellows from past cohorts.

:star: Real Life Community :star:
Sure, we are all on zoom, but we are ALL actual people. Former cohorts organised dinners, meetups, many people reached out to other fellows. Whilst this might feel weird or scary, we totally encourage you to do this. Many valuable cooperations and friendships grew out of it and… wouldn’t it feel nice to be contacted by other fellows from your city, as well?If you are up for hosting a dinner, The Arc organises beautiful so-called “Mastermind Dinner”. The motto is: Meaningful conversation, home-made snacks, good wine and great people.

If you wanna HOST YOURSELF or JOIN A DINNER AS A GUESTyou can always sign up here:

With these words: ROCK ON!

Just in case you do not yet have full clarity on what to talk about in your Kick Off Call – feel free to complete our “What do you need coaching on”-test which is publicly available HERE.

Terms of Enrollment (Pls sign below!)

As mentioned in the video: Pls take some time to read, understand and sign our Terms of Enrollment.

(Please note: Fellows of the Purpose Catalyst are NOT required to fill this in)

Click HERE for terms of enrollment.

Some homework

For now, it’s easy 😉

Well – for now – just watch the video and follow the instructions in there.

Apart from that?
Just chillax and go to the next module, if you like.

Stay tuned!