Project Description

Fee Winkenbach (Business Psychologist, Yoga Teacher, Germany)

My life in a nutshell

Soul-seeking and Inner-Peace building. I believe in personal growth by identifying and evolving one’s individual potential. My heart beats for supporting people to come in contact with themselves, to understand what has shaped them and what makes them the person who they are. Creating a space for people to develop an idea of their own identity is my aim and the process I went through myself the last years as… woman, sister, daughter, friend… as student of Business Psychology (BSc) and Adult education/Lifelong Learning (MA), worker at consultant companies focussing on leadership development, freelance Trainer, yoga teacher… as world traveler, barefooted walker and empathic listener. My mission is simple, I just want people to take off their shoes.

My past training experience

Senior Trainer of Rockyourlife! Youth Empowerment Programm; Providing Train the Trainer Workshops for Rockyourlife!; Adult educator and personal development facilitator, training social competencies and psychological knowledge in the social sector (e.g. Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Linke Medienakademie, Chemnitz University, educational institution of  the penal system). New experiences in the field of political communication, teaching negotiation and argumentation skills against right wing populism. 

My core field of training 
Social skills and personal development, Self- empowerment, Identity-reflection and Yoga coaching.