Project Description

Elena Yarmanova | Global Ambassador & Partnerships (Former Entrepreneur, Russia )

My life in a nutshell

I deeply believe that people can change regardless their age and experience. It seems that this core notion has linked most of my professional life with education – starting from organizing a first TEDx event in St.Petersburg, working as a learning facilitator, researching interdisciplinary education, and, initially cofounding Teach for Russia.

The other big thing I got to understand is that founding an organization or a project is an amazing learning curve that develops one professionally and personally with a triple speed. That’s what I got to experience with Teach for Russia that has grown from 4 people to an organization of more that 60 employees.

With that behind my back in 2019/2020 I am embarking on the journey of German Chancellor’s fellowship for Prospective Leaders to work on the project about adult education and building thriving corporate cultures at the Arc.

My core fields

Strategic planning, educational design, event production