Session 1
Intro to the Circles

How are YOU? How is your LIFE? 

You are just about to start a second journey, a journey that has the potential to be different and equally meaningful. This part is about action, about your next level and – as always – about:

Who YOU dare to be and which IMPACT you wanna stand for? 


Just start the process by watching the first video and get going with the first homework.

Questions? Just contact us here.

What are Arc Circles?

This video explains what The Arc Circles are all about.

Whoop whoop! Yes, we can’t just keep our hands off. In order to start The Circles properly a few small logistics beforehand:

  1. Make sure you are added to the relevant communication group of your circle cohort
  2. Contact your circle buddy and get back in touch with (for instance) the following questions:
    • Why are you here? (= we mean: At The Arc Circles ;))
    • What needs to happen for you so that The Arc Circles are a success?
    • How much time and seriousness can you dedicate to the process and how do you wanna communicate with your partner?

Please also DO share your answers on the group – mainly so that your Circle Trainers can see it.

At the beginning of The Arc you might (not in all cases) have filled in the Compass. The Compass (also known as an alternated version of the Wheel of Life) is a great tool to start of any counselling process. It is timeless. You can literally fill it in many times and it will often give you new answers.

Click HERE to download the Compass instructions

So let’s get going: Let’s fill in our Compass AND find our Section of Direction in the Ocean of Emotion (see Compass Instructions).

Counselling vs coaching?

Ok, next on the menu: Why this whole thing is called “counselling” and not “coaching”

(the short answer: Cos The Arc Circles are not an actual coaching certification. We will however teach coaching techniques to help each other get to our next level – just watch for yourselves)

Stay tuned, the next session is coming soon!