Our buddies, our core, the reason why we exist: Our partners in 2012.


Vienna. Fensterstattmauern. Contact person: Mr Georg Tarne. Position: Executive Director. Email: georg [at] fensterstattmauern.at.


Brussels. The AEGEE-Academy. Contact person: Mr Miguel Gallardo Albajar. Position: Speaker. Email: kaveri_miguel [at] yahoo.es.


Sofia. Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation (WCIF). Contact person: Ms Denitsa Abadjieva. Position: Information and Communication Manager. Email: abadjieva [at] wcif-bg.org.

Czech Republic

Prague. European Students’ Forum Praha. Contact person: Mr Pavel Zbornik. Position: Member. Email: pavel.zbornik [at] aegee-praha.cz .


Berlin. TeachFirst Germany. Contact person: Mr Michael Okrob. Position: Managing Director. Email: Michael.okrob [at] teachfirst.de.

Friedrichshafen. Rock your life! gGmbH. Contact person: Mrs Elisabeth Hahnke. Position: Managing Director. Email: elisabeth.hahnke [at] rockyourlife.de.

Munich. Ashoka Jugendinitiative/Ashoka’s Youth Venture Germany. Contact Person: Ms Mareike Emde. Position: Consultant. Email: memde [at] ashoka.org.

Bonn. Ideen hoch drei. Contact Person: Dan Felix Müller. Position: Chair Person. Email: info [at] ideenhochdrei.org.


Heraklio. Hellas Youthnet. Contact person: Ms Efstathia Polyzoi. Position: European Projects Coordinator. Email: efi_polyzoi [at] yahoo.gr.

Athens. AEGEE-Athina. Contact Person: Ms Zoi-Vasiliki Karapati. Position: President. Email: zoevas3@yahoo.gr.


Budapest. Felsőoktatási Diákszervezetek Egyesülete (FDE)/ Associaton of Student Organizations in Hungary. Contact Person: Mr Viktor Szabados. Position: Vice-chair, Chair of the Structured Dialogue National Working Group in Hungary. Email: szabados.viktor [at] fde.hu.


Florence. YouthUnEmployment. Contact person: Ms Florence I. J. Franks. Position: Project Manager. Email: florence.franks [at] yahoo.it.

Netherlands, The

Amsterdam. Zero Generation Foundation. Contact person: Ms Alexandra Iulia Tomescu. Position: Board Member. Email: alexandra [at] zerogeneration.org.


Lublin. International Association of Animators and Coordinators HELIO. Contact person: Mr Tomasz Lipiński. Email: kozak57 [at] wp.pl.


Lisbon. Jovenes Changemakers. Contact person: Mr Amândio Paulo Gomes Rodrigues. Email: arodrigues [at] joveneschangemakers.org.


Las Palmas. AEGEE-Las Palmas. Contact person: Luis Alvarado Martinez. Position: Member. Email: luis.alvaradomartinez [at] aegee.org.


Geneva. Euforia. Contact person: Mr Jéronimo Calderon. Position: Executive Director. Email: jeronimo [at] euforiaction.org.


Canakkale. COMU AB Gençlik ve Kültür Programları Birimi/ COMU EU Youth and Cultural Programs Office. Contact person: Mr Çağrı Ege. Position: Coordinator. Email: cagriege22 [at] hotmail.com.

United Kingdom

Bradford. Skilled Up. Contact person: Ms Nabila Ayub. Position : Project Coordinator. Email : billie [at] tecp.org.uk.