Dear fighters, dear beautiful human beings, dear inspirational changemakers!

The Arc is over. Your life not. The Arc will continue. And we need your help. Our first baby step is to ask you for your opinion. And you can make our day by filling in our eValuation sheet:

The Arc – eValuations 2012

We thank you for trusting us. We thank you for being as perfect as you are. We thank you for giving, receiving and giving again. Because: we love you. We really do.

By the way: Are you interested in any future “Arc 2013” or “Arc 2014” as local organiser, trainer, partner organisation or do you know people who are interested as participants? If yes, we encourage you to fill in the link here: The Arc – Potentials 2013.

I choose my own reality.

I only grow by expanding my comfort zone.

I haven’t done it until I did it.

Who do I dare to be and what IMPACT do I want to stand for?

With light, love and devotion,

The Arc Man.